design style... Art Deco


I couldn't resist...

...of making another post about a few more Copenhagen apartments I found... I will not post all photos here,just my favorites, so you'll have to see the rest on blogs where I found them (shame I don't get paid for it) hi hi hi :D

home tour... apartment in Copenhagen

While looking for something else I found this gorgeous and totally interesting apartment.
First, let me ask you one thing: Is there a person who doesn't love Scandinavian design and interiors???
Of course this apartment is Scandinavian...actually is in Copenhagen...


passion finds..youngster's rooms

While surfing the net, I bumped into Designing blog full of great interior renderings made by Sergi Mengot, interior designer from Barcelona.
I like his sense of functionality, especially when comes to designing kids rooms. Every inch of space is well used, combining everything a child needs in his room - place to sleep and rest, place for studing and of course place for playing and creativity.

passion finds..Oliver furniture

I just discovered beautiful furniture at one of my top favorite blogs - Stylizimo, which you must check out immediately...Nina has a beautiful styled blog, inspirative and great reads, and above all - fabulous photos.
When I saw her post about Oliver furniture, I fell inlove head over heels...and said to myself...Millie,you must feature this on your blog so you can never forget about it.. I would write you more about it but I'm overwhelmed by emotions, please forgive me
Please folks, laid back in your comfy chair and enjoy this gorgeous pieces, I won't talk (I mean write) at all :)
btw..I'm starting to like black furniture....what about you?


moroccan style...colours,patterns,textures...

Every Monday you can read my posts on Enterijer, great and very respectful and popular site about interior design, introducing every aspect of it to wide range of readers. I'm so honored to be a part of the team!
Last Monday i wrote about Morocco and how to implement it's style into your home.
I'm so inspired by it's style...have always been...but think I could never live in a home decorated that way.

projects... my balcony

Before I post new Zara-fave-items-boards,I want to show you idea for my balcony. It was originaly a balcony,but the previous owner added windows,so it's sort of closed balcony. We've been using it as original purpose,but from the begining I wasn't happy with it. I would love my living room expands to the balcony. Few months ago, I made it as a playroom for Bumble, and there's also a hobby desk made by my husband.He's not using it very often,so I took it over :)


Zara HOME...

I knew it exists,but I resist to visit the site...
I'm kidding :)
I LOVE Zara, everything about ZARA...and now I want a lot of things from their HOME collection. I've prepared for you couple of pinboards of my favorites... Keep in mind this is just a small piece,because I love everything..
Tomorrow I'll make my board for bathroom and tableware *sigh* and after that...the living room,YAY


summer issues...

It's always very busy summer here in Herceg Novi. Main city income is during summer,when our tourism season hits it's peak. In winter almost nothing is going on,but we all work our best in summertime.City is awake,full of tourists,music,happenings...


passion finds..laptop desk

Hello everybody...
One more post about computer desks, since I'm not satisfied with my own... although my darling made it, based on my drawing. From the start it was just a temporary solution... because I'm planing to buy a laptop.
What kind of desk should be perfect for me? We have a small space beside sofa that's perfect for a pc corner for now. We already had few different and temporary solutions since we moved in


PD projects... new apartment

My relatives asked me to make design for their new apartment. They are building a three level house,but using only the level in the middle for themselves. The 130sq metres apartment is still in working progress, and my first asignment was to help them choose how many light and electricity fixtures they need and where to put them. Beside that, their main problem is to make the best of their 40sqm open space reserved for kitchen/dining/living area. I will show you my work as it evolves...


passion finds..Fabulous Stationery

As a graphic designer, I'm always on quest for new, interesting stationery... This time, I found FabulousStationery, innovative and modern, totally personalized business cards, note cards, invitations for all sort of occasions and fashionable accessories.
There's something for everyone's taste, modern, floral, with modern furniture or architecture...it's really hard to decide which one to choose. Each design comes in three colour variations, and can be personalized with your name, company name, short message or occasion.
Great choice if you want to look distinctive and original, nad to love your business cards forever
Visit their site or become a fan of FabulousStationery Facebook page


weekend inspiration...Boka Kotorska

For the first weekend inspiration,I've decided to show some photos of Boka Kotorska (the Bay of Kotor - literally means Kotor's mouth/ bocca is Italian for mouth)

passion finds..perfect secretary desk for me..yeeei


how to..make the most of your small space

Why am I so intrigued with this topic? Maybe the reason is my apartment of 40 square metres. I live there with my husband and our two year old boy. We're planning a baby soon, but our home is not nearly prepared for it.
We have to make room for kids to have a space just for them, and of course we want to have our privacy (we share the room with our Bumble Bee).
It would be great if our Bumble would have his own room, space for playing,enjoying,studing in the future... Kids need their own space to grow in it,to feel free and not stiffed.
In that case (if we ever manage to make two small,but separate rooms) what's left for living-dining-kitchen area is 20square meters. Not big,but I believe to know how to make the best of it... Someday... sigh
That's why I want to share some of my thoughts how to make the small seem bigger. I wrote a few posts on space saving ideas here and here...


passion finds..ready for picnic

I'm so happy..share the joy with me

Did you read my first article on Enterijer? As a contributing author,I'll be posting every Monday... Article from yesterday is about arranging accessories and collections you have...how to make the best of it.
I would love that you leave a comment here or on that article if you read it...it would mean so much to me

passion finds..lovely saying...

I found a lovely saying, and wanted to share it with you


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