modern home with lilac, pink and green accents

In the 40m2 studio, full of space-saving ideas, the room layout is enhanced by multifunctional furnishing solutions. The design solution meets the needs of the owner without giving up separate kitchen and place to sleep - out of sight. Just across the entrance there is positioned a big storage block for wardrobes that opens on both sides, for bed, refrigerator and some more hidden storage compartments.


unexpected moment

You can't decide on shape of pendant? Why not having all of them...like in the photo above. Those three pendants tell a story with their shape. It seems to me like they are evolving from left to right...what do you think?

via home-designing.com

end of October...

 This October was (still is) one of the longest months this year...for me. I was so thrilled about everything in October! I thought I will manage some time just for myself and this blog, but that didn't happened. I was re-positioned on my job and needed to adjust. My older boy went on vacation with my sister 500 km away, and I miss him so much. Can't wait to come home and give him a hug! Days are so long when we are not all together. I try to humor myself by looking at beautiful photos...this time, inspired by colours I see around me.


yellow…as the happiness



better homes & gardens; design sponge; house to home


we can dream in colour

Hello friends and readers, it’s been a while since I last posted something. There’s no lack of ideas and things to say, there is lack of time. Or maybe energy. That’s why I highly appreciate these short moments when I can share something here on the blog.

margit i geza we dream in color19

Today I am very happy to show you one amazing colourful home.


subtle ways to polish your decor


This is a guest post brought to you by Eva Stephen. Thank you Eva and WELCOME!

“Following on the heels of the fashion catwalk, interior design has become more intimate and personal. No longer must everyone follow the same narrow path, using an identical and limited colour palette and choosing only one type of fabric. Rather, trends now allow for individual tastes to be satisfied, the only criteria being that the various parts of the interior décor add up to an elegant, interesting and comfortable whole.


big ideas for small spaces


Paint at least a stripe in chalkboard paint. It looks interesting, doesn’t take up any space and you can always use it for recipes (like in the example), shopping or to do lists, and for occupying your kids in time of need…



colourful accents on black and white

Here I am with another amazing home tour belonging to an architect and artist Anne Boysen Lorenzen. She has turned this house into a creative experimental station with design and art in bright colours on black and white background. I like the mid century modern flair and artistic approach to interior design.

anne boysen lorenzen10


soften rough brick wall with white

If you have or want brick walls in your home, consider making them into a design statement. The warm, natural look and rough texture of exposed brick contrasts contemporary white and extra soft  furnishings beautifully. I would especially suggest this approach to people who put too many wrought iron or dark wood furniture into houses with exposed brick. Yeah, you rich people around Montenegro, did you copy this?


surrounded by nature...

A charming patio filled with flowers and lovely plants can be a warm weather getaway, right in your backyard. Create a patio you can enjoy by adding comfortable furniture suiting your needs, bright coloured cushions, candle holders and vases, and even a few layered area rugs. I like outdoors cared with love, making accent on cozy and colourful. 


balkan breeze ** teaser...

You must check out the apartment slash office studio of Croatian product and interior designer Ana Tevsic. Tour of her apartment was recently published in Croatian magazine Dom&Dizajn, so you can see all photos on their Facebook page. photography by Berislava Picek / CROPIX


polka dots

Enliven your neutral room with bold polka dot pattern on accent wall. Yellow is my favourite, but of course you can choose any combination you fancy. This happy tone of yellow energizes the space, but not overwhelming it because of plenty of white.

Another lovely idea, from the same house. More muted polka dot pattern in the white kitchen with bright pink accents. Beautiful!
photos from micasa


random inspiration

Since I started working full time in a tourist agency last month, it seems like I don’t have much time for a blog. Although the job itself isn’t exhausting, I find myself too tired to even turn on the computer…but then I think of some beautiful  interiors I could miss, or brilliant ideas to simplify our life – and I’m filled up with positive, creative energy that makes me happy. Let’s browse some random inspiration for our homes, shall we?


Home office in a living room can be charming, if you choose interesting chair and make your storage work for you. Add some greenery to it, and your cosy little pc corner is the cutest.


tiny room for two little girls

Amazing interior design and storage solution by Tina Kurpez / Karas studio as always. Tina has such a good sense of space complemented with great design eye. That’s just my subjective thinking… blink blink.
She transformed this tiny room in a special kingdom for two little girls, with tons of storage and still enough room to play/draw/study. Truly a room they can grow into. Love the dark walls as a background for fresh green furniture. I would describe this room as vivid, inspiring, happy and fresh. foto: Berislava Picek / Cropix
studio karas
…check out the rest of the room


would you…

change your upper kitchen cabinets with vintage crates?


found it on Copy Paste

original source


there's no style without parsons desk

Ok, I was too harsh with this title...but it shows how much I love the line and versatility of the parsons desk. It is simply a modernist square or rectangular table whose four, square legs are equal in thickness to the top. As far as I know, they can be bought at West Elm and Home renovators - both unavailable for me! And I want that table so badly! Lucky for me, there are some handy men around, who could make the desk for me.


random collection of inspirational images

 Although I'm working on this lazy Sunday + holiday, I have some spare time for a quick post full of inspiration. Tiny lounge nook is calling me for reading or napping time (nap would be good!). Every part of it is beautiful - wall sconce, roman shade, brick wall, pattern on pillows and that cute little industrial table, awwww


living well in a small apartment

 Let's say you have 30-something square meters apartment, and want to create a multifunctional, relaxing home with a hint of industrial chic combined with natural materials and colours. Use some ideas shown in the apartment below. Dark wood kitchen cabinets without knobs are paired with light oak hardfloor. Oven and microwave are built in the wall. Open bookshelf is used to separate a bedroom from living area, and sofa  is in focus with its interesting pattern. via achados de decoracao




via extremely adorable blog Mali Iv

home tour

So many interesting things around this home, there’s a lot going on wherever you look creating the livable and representative family space. White background seems to be perfect for knick-knacks. via Ikea fmaily live



{design dilemma} how to decorate small hallway

design dilemma

How can I decorate my unattractive, somewhat long, hallway with many doors and no natural light? It’s the first thing I see when I enter the home and it’s not making me happy at all. Typical hallway furniture is too big for this space and I don’t know how to make it functional and pretty. Have any ideas for me? Jelena


pink, blue, yellow…sofa

In the era of neutral sofas as the first and best choice to create a well styled room even without decorating skills, you find yourself coveting for a bright coloured sofa or even patterned one. Go with it! and if you wonder how to decorate the room around such a vibrant and statement piece, I’ll try to help you decide. Depending on the look you want, you may want to showcase the vivid colour of the sofa, or make it blend with the rest of the room. The colors you choose to surround the sofa are key to achieving the right design for the space.



{love this space} tiny kitchen nook

Sometimes some tiny spaces can turn out to be everyone’s favourite place in the house. Custom built storage bench and a table provide comfort for breakfast, coffee break or kids’ activity and studying. 

Kitchen_Nook_Manuel_Canovas_Wallpaper-simplified bee1


would you…

… create a room divider out of building blocks?

casa chaucha1casa chaucha


true Spanish spirit

Today I bring you one outstanding home tour, full of hearth and personality. The owner is very talented and creative, making home decorating items out of fabric yarn. I guess my favourites are the white triangle bean bag and colourful storage baskets. Full house tour and an interview is on Bla*d but I found it via Styllia

amor puro


please, help...

Hi guys, I need your help ASAP!
Fortunately or unfortunately, I have to change the name of my blog. When I started PassionDecor at 2009, I didn't know much about blogs, or keywords or anything. The name PassionDecor was a first thing that fell on my head (it's the expression here) and I didn't think if anyone else has the name. Later I realized - too many 'Passion decor's are out there. I've tried to ignore the fact, until I saw few days ago about one more PassionDecor blog.

Don't know about you, but it's so hard to choose a right name... could you give me a hand?

I would much appreciate if you can give some ideas in the comment section. You all know my fondness of colours and small spaces, so should I include it in the name? I thought to go simple as "Colour Home"

Can't wait to hear your thoughts, please share it with me! love you all!!!


{perfect home No. 34} Nordic maxi coloured

This lovely house features a different kind (my kind) of Nordic décor. It has a white background but it was only used to make the rest of the elements stand out. The huge blank canvas was filled with lots of colourful and vibrant details. Many different colors were combined but they were beautifully balanced. It’s interesting how each room or space has its own palette of colors. The kitchen is mostly white with black and ocher. Then the space continues into the living room where an entire wall was painted ochre. It was combined with turquoise and blue accents and a brown sofa and the contrast is quite beautiful. Adding purple to the palette starts in entryway and continues to the upstairs, where you climb on bright red stairs. Upstairs the palette is calmer, perfect for rest area. Exterior of the house is unspeakably lovely



3 small space ideas {feb 2013}

1 small space idea2 small space idea3 small space idea

colourful rented apartment for family

Family living and bright colours are the main focus in this rental apartment. The strong colour palette kicks you right as you enter the apartment. Green, yellow, pink and blue may seem like an overwhelming colour choice for many, but the owner have combined the colors, so it all still works quite stylish. Whole space feels energized, youthful and happy. I dig the entrance, dining corner in the kitchen and small bedroom in red. If you want your space to be modern and affordable, this is the style you should be going for.



industrial and modern whimsical loft

50 square meters can look enormous when there are no boundaries like walls. Brazilian interior designer Luiz Fernando Grabowsky prepared a loft installation for the Casa Cor exhibition, in Rio de Janeiro, to show how even limited footage can look versatile. Grabowsky designed a perfect flow between bedroom, living room and kitchen with dining area all in one space, with the bathroom as the only separated room. I love the industrial feel of the room with high ceilings, exposed brick walls and wood floors. Colour scheme with dominant combination of brown and orange creates an atmosphere of warmth and coziness, while the neutral white, black and gray grounds the space.



{love this space} happy family space

I’m totally crazy about this place! Absolutely perfect composition of colors, shapes and textures. This open space in coastal home in Croatia is work of two famous creative minds – academic painter Saša Šekoranja and interior designer Dean Franić. I must add it’s like they get into people’s heads to understand their wants and needs – they create so different and versatile interiors. I would love to learn from designers like them.17108_299855336806511_881286313_n


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