home tour... apartment in Milano

Cerri & Associati  studio designed this apartment in Milan, which has plenty of natural light combined with bold designers furniture. White walls background gives the opportunity to play with colorful accessories and art collections. I love Italian design, when it creates fantastic meshup of different styles,colours and textures...like it's shown in this beautiful home.
What you can see here are plenty of books, paintings, sculptures, antique furniture and modern furniture all put together..
color palette is like modern art gallery style: lots of white(walls and mdf furniture,dining table and chairs), with light wooden floors and some fire red
beautiful artwork dated late mid XX in very interesting frames or better wording "holders"...and famous Eero Saarinen's Tulip table and chairs

chairs made in Artek are based on Alvar Aalto idea from 1933

finally some organization in my blog....

I've finally decided what categories I will have on my blog. I've been thinking about it for some time,because I needed a sort of schedule to be focused on. Don't want to get another day without inspiration or with thinking  that idea I have for that thay is not good enough.
- on monday HOME TOUR posts
- wednesday presenting my DESIGN BOARDS
- thursday HOW TO... with advices about colors,furnishings, decorating...
- friday DESIGNERS portfolios and BLOGGERS
- saturday WEEKEND INSPIRATION with my passion finds,representing prints,furniture,home decor elements

One more thing I have to tell you... I've joined Enterijer, community blog about interior design and decor. Site has a great team of very talented and educated young people,wich I'm very honored to be a part of. I'll be posting my articles on Mondays,so I invite you to visit enterijer to read my posts as well as other posts, because you'll find them very helpful and useful. See you there :)
a few pictures from the site,as a cherry on the cake


photographers... Per Gunnarsson

Let me present you Per Gunnarsson, photographer who works for IKEALivingetcSkona HemELLE Interior...and many more
He knows how to represent beautiful scandinavian interiors. I love his approach, like he unintendedly catches everyday life, showing how livable white or gray interiors can be..
Interior designer Ulrika Montan (about her,some other time)..
designer Daniel Bergman


2 prints for now...

Just wanted to show my new playing results...not very special,or unique but I love it.


Nata's living room..

My friend recently married, asked me to help her find the best solution for their new apartment. She doesn't know how to put together things she loves, although she knows exactly what she wants. Her husband trusts her,but he has a problem to visualize her ideas. That's where I come in.
They want light wood furniture, like bleeched oak, stream lines, simple contemporary design. Light and natural color palette,with pops of warm green and brown.
Here's my idea

Did you miss me?


what a stylish nursery...

My son is growing so fast...almost 2 years already. we still share the room, but soon my hubby and I would have to pack our bags, and find another solution. most likely, it will be sofa in the living room, because I don't think we will have the money to make the best solution. sofa's waiting for us for a long time now :)

it was difficult to decorate the room not to be too adult or too childish. i tryed to find some ideas how to make the two styles to work,but at the end, I just left it as it was at the beggining. my hubby loves every shade of blue..since i'm married, i start to like some shades of blue too.. teal,duckegg,navy blue. blue-gray and blue-green are my favorite combinations. with punches of warm colors, like deep orange, and some dark brown- beautiful.

here comes the point
my daily blog inspiration is one-of-a-kind making it lovely where i love to read her honor roll. this time it lead me to design sponge (of course,known from before) and with two cats, totally-new-for-me-but-so-lovely blog which i fell in love right away. what cought my eye is that Lauren from with two cats made the prettiest nursery I've seen. white as a neutral, light furniture, cool blue-gray wall for calming effect, and punches of orange,warm yellow, reddish make this room outstanding.

maybe you ask yourself why I'm so overjoyed about this room...please, take a look for yourself

i would love to upholster my living room sectional in this fabric

i crave for window benches

my husband and i love this color, we're soon painting our multitasking room in this shade...and i was thinking about similar painted tree over our headboard,because we need a focal point. i think it would be perfect. i already have pure white curtains (yes,everybody should start with curtains when decorating :D ),and i can't wait to do the rest. what's keeping us? rain! countles days of raining! did anyone said it's spring?



Do you need a better blog?..

I realized few days ago that my blog needs improvement of how it looks. It seemed there was a bit too much of everything...so I decided to make it more simple, easier to the eyes, and much more professional looking.

It was a must to have a wider space for pictures, and I finally did it. yepie! I also decided to design my own logo, signature, and header, because I think my previous outlook didn't leave a good first impression.

Why I decided to change? First, it just didn't felt right,I liked it, but it wasn't perfect. Second, I found several posts about blog improving, and I tell ya - it's a MUST READ!

10 things every blogger should know
10 tips that will take your home design blog to the next level
6 ways I've grown through writing a blog
Why blogging is good for your career
Do you make this mistake in your blog?
Could your blog be ruining your busuness?
Start with Why
9 ways to think about linking in a blog post
Blogging essential for a good career
You're an idiot if you don't comment..
Blog headlines that kick ass

I have to study these links over and over again, hoping to learn something,finding the way to implement it in my blog.
I'm curious...what do you think about your blog? what do you think about mine-before and now? Do you find these links useful for yourself?
I would really love that this helps all of my dear blogger friends


home tour.. Candice Olson-designed loft

Look how Canada's leading interior designer Candice Olson designed this loft for photographer Brandon Barre (check out his fabulous portfolio)..he usualy photographs her work, to give her well-decorated rooms a true shine. Read interview with Brandon on DesignTies and if you want more about this loft go to DesignTies,great interior design blog which I discovered today. Can't wait to read it all through.
Here's before picture of the loft
there's potential,but..hmmm..kidding,you can see what a great place this is
rendered version by Candice...what a great drawing!

pretty and practical..

You know me...one who loves space saving ideas..thrifty and lovely. Combine with what you have to find the best solution. Although there's always more than one solution..I believe.
Here I found pictured some new ideas of multipurpose


small spaces..

Small apartments are always most difficult to decorate and use every inch of them...but they're also the most intriguing to the eye. I bring you a few more ideas for advantages of small spaces,cause I know it's a problematic area in Balkan. Hope you'll like it..
office in nook

home tour Made by Girl..

new quiz..what TYPE are you..

passion finds.. color stripes...

Boje su svuda oko nas, mame nas, inspirišu, izazivaju i negativne reakcije (ne u mom slučaju..) ali kako izabrati paletu koja nama odgovara?...i uvjek se postavlja dodatno pitanje,da li možemo stvoriti paletu prijatnu za oko od boja koje su nam omiljene..Boje koje oblačim, uopšte ne volim u svom ambijentu, i obrnuto. Da imam office, tamo bih koristila skroz treću paletu,prateći opet emocije.
Oko sebe primjećujem u razgovoru ljude koji se ograničavaju na samo par boja, i to je u redu, to njih opisuje. Trenutno radim na uređenju otvorenog prostora - 3 u 1 - kuhinja/trpezarija/dnevni boravak, a klijenti su prilično uplašeni,smatrajući da sve mora biti u dvije boje..bez nijansiranja..ajoj,ne! Sučeljavajući dva kolaža - u dvije boje i drugi u 5 boja, mogu reći da ih je ipak opčinila bogatija paleta. Otkrili su nešto što nisu znali da imaju u sebi. Takođe,mislili su da vole klasično stilski opremljen stan...kad ono rezultat je više kombinacija modernog sa rustičnim..ali o tome drugi put...
Za sebe i druge sama stvaram palete boja,ali pronašla sam sada Kris's color stripes blog, gdje talentovana Kristina obožava boje i pravi gotove palete inspirisana detaljima iz prirode i svoje svakodnevice... Na blogu možete vidjeti mnoštvo njenih radova, predstavljanje knjiga, vintage predmete i predjele od kojih zastaje dah..
par slika sa njenog bloga


passion finds..kredenca

Just one pic for now...I'm totally in love with this beauty...breathtaking! Who knows how many of you have something similar at the attic...it just needs to be polished and maybe colored or wallpapered on the inside..to bring in the light.. Don't you just lov'em?


passion finds..Mykonos as inspiration..

Kako sam se oduševila predjelima u spotu Stereo Love - Edward Maya...i saznam da se radi o Mykonosu u Grčkoj...kako predivno...kako inspirativno. Na šta konkretno mislim?na kućice i ostale građevine,od zemlje sagrađene,izrazito bijele sa jarkim bojama škura, krovova, stepeništa i vrata....potražila sam slike,ali nadjoh najviše kombinaciju sa plavom...što možda i nije neka novost. pogledajte spot na gore datom linku..



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