3 small space ideas {feb 2013}

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colourful rented apartment for family

Family living and bright colours are the main focus in this rental apartment. The strong colour palette kicks you right as you enter the apartment. Green, yellow, pink and blue may seem like an overwhelming colour choice for many, but the owner have combined the colors, so it all still works quite stylish. Whole space feels energized, youthful and happy. I dig the entrance, dining corner in the kitchen and small bedroom in red. If you want your space to be modern and affordable, this is the style you should be going for.



industrial and modern whimsical loft

50 square meters can look enormous when there are no boundaries like walls. Brazilian interior designer Luiz Fernando Grabowsky prepared a loft installation for the Casa Cor exhibition, in Rio de Janeiro, to show how even limited footage can look versatile. Grabowsky designed a perfect flow between bedroom, living room and kitchen with dining area all in one space, with the bathroom as the only separated room. I love the industrial feel of the room with high ceilings, exposed brick walls and wood floors. Colour scheme with dominant combination of brown and orange creates an atmosphere of warmth and coziness, while the neutral white, black and gray grounds the space.



{love this space} happy family space

I’m totally crazy about this place! Absolutely perfect composition of colors, shapes and textures. This open space in coastal home in Croatia is work of two famous creative minds – academic painter Saša Šekoranja and interior designer Dean Franić. I must add it’s like they get into people’s heads to understand their wants and needs – they create so different and versatile interiors. I would love to learn from designers like them.17108_299855336806511_881286313_n


{DIY idea} small space dressing table on wheels

Such a smart and adorable idea. Dresser table with shelf is mounted on the wall, and the table below is multifunctional piece on wheels. Do you want a breakfast in bedroom? Instant office corner? or you could use an extra table when entertaining? those are some of mine ideas WI13002WI_v1_p079-2

found on heart handmade | originally 101 woonideeen

small space idea

mount the wine rack into wall




shared room for boy and a girl

White base is a perfect solution for gender neutral shared room. By adding colourful toys and decorations, it’s easy to personalize a space for each child and still create a cohesive space.

room for boy and girl3

how to style kitchen countertops

To write a post on this topic was on my mind lately, and while I searched for photos to illustrate my thoughts, I found very helpful article on The Everygirl I just have to share. Hope they don’t mind me sharing it, because there’s nothing to add or subtract.



would you…

…stack magazines as your nightstand?


via sunny’s blog

{home tour}

Spotted this home tour ages ago (who didn’t)…and it still amazes me…don’t know what exactly – the simplicity I guess, joyful color palette and plenty of storage space

organized 1100sqft home for three via BHG


recreate the look

It’s so interesting to see other bloggers and designers recreating a look inspired by a photo of a beautiful room. I thought to try it, too. It was a nice exercise to find similar products, and since this is my first “recreate the look” post it took a few days to make it and I didn’t care to find strictly all available and affordable products…which I hope will be my future practice. Scroll to see and tell me what you think!



{home tour} narrow apartment with amazing solutions

size: 59m2 (640sf)

Another example of well organized apartment full of storage space without feeling cramped. Everything is special about this home, especially the fact there lives the family of four. My thought at first glance on the footage (640sf) was “so what? I know dozens of dozens families living in apartments that big or smaller!” … but the odd, unusual and unpractical layout makes it even more challenging and special. Noroof architects are creators of amazing solution for the space, inspired by the boys wish to be like a pirate ship. They sure did a fantastic job with hidden compartments all over the space and with flexible furniture. take a good look

finger-kennedy-apartment-thumbnail via dwell


{small space} tiny studio in Paris

size: 28m2 (300sf)

“No need to live in a palace to feel like home” that’s the first sentence in Marie Claire Maison article about tiny Parisian studio of Canadian brand designer for men swimwear. Aurélien Lespinas was an architect working on this project. The main (and only) room seamlessly combines the living area, the kitchen and bedroom area. Besides, it’s unbelievable how much storage can fit in such small space, without even noticing it.

tiny parisian apartment 28m2c

{small space} full of storage and natural light

size: 37 square meters (400sf)

home of Luca Andrisani

luca andrisani 400sf new york city


{new series on the blog} design dilemma

Hello everybody, how are you? I’m starting this day with something new here on the blog. Sometimes I receive an email from my readers with question about decorating, and some questions inspired me for blog posts. I’m helping my friends and family with dilemmas, too… so I thought to start a new series here hoping to help you solve your dilemmas.design dilemma1


bold and colorful designer’s home

Interior of this home shows us there’re no boundaries when comes to combining colors. The trick is in mixing colors with same intensity and creating neutral backdrop with black, white or grey. You’ll notice in this home of Bradford Shellhammer that all walls are neutral, although dark, so the colorful accessory and furniture can really pop out without looking immature.


artistic home

Some photos of this home you’ve surely seen on the web, and you’re probably amazed by the beauty of the every inch of it. Some people have a talent to turn everything ordinary into extraordinary, beautiful, artistic and breathtaking. The mix of clean lines and cluttered corners is in perfect balance. Everyday objects are perceived like art itself, and the result is home easy to live in and interesting to look at.


craving for sweets…





kitchens to love


kitchen i love1

extreme home makeover… ** extremno preuređenje

One of the very few shows I like to watch on TV is the reality show similar to Extreme Home Makeover. It’s Serbian show “Radna akcija” with main aim to help people and families in need for functional, proper home. Those people usually live in extremely bad conditions, in cold homes, with mold or broken walls and ceilings, old furniture in bad shape, sometimes even without water or bathroom. My husband always asks me why I’m smiling while watching the show. How not to smile, when I’m happy to see someone’s been helped to start over, and home is the biggest thing in that process.

Now, I want to feature here one of many makeovers, because I like it the most, the team was creative and created a youthful home for young girl, who lost her mother not so long ago. The apartment has 43m2 (462sqft) and the girl who lives there is amazing, brave, smart and adorable. Let’s see the makeover…

2-1-2013 9-44-30 AM


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