balkan breeze ... beauty of heritage

Hello my dearest readers... like I've mentioned before, PassionDecor presents a new category - "balkan breeze"...featuring lovely Balkan homes. Finally D day is happening. I will let you have a sneek peak into homes in Montenegro, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Slovenia. Here will be presented homes never seen before...but also homes featured in some of my favourite magazines.
Hope you'll be thrilled as much as I am. For all of you living in this area - I'm proud to be a part of this team with so many talented and inspirational people... For all of you all around the world - please, enjoy these tours and let me show you my culture

Now, let's make the first tour...around this beautiful, heartful and lovely apartment in Serbia
This home belongs to Tanja (read Tanya), dear blogger friend...very smart and sharp woman, with good sense of style and eye for details. She was very kind, allowing me to feature her home on PassionDecor.
Thank you Tanja, very much!
Well, must admit I have jitters...so this time it's hard to find the words. But, (saved by the bell) Tanja wrote something about her home...so let's read it after the jump


zesty beach home...

OMG... I love green...every shade of green I think. When recieved newsletter from RoomRemix blog, I just could not lift my jaw up after seeing this modernist beach house.
What a gorgeous palette, don't you think? Lime green, white and brown...with dashes of hot orange... so timeless if you ask me. So prefect for every season, it has the perfect balance of warm and cold colours (even if I know Maria says colours can't be desribed as warm or cold and we should look them in a context)

This home is work of interior designer Christina Murphy


passion finds.. Camerich furniture

How beautiful.... New showroom in Belgrade of Camerich brand, high quality furniture reflecting best designed furniture ever... I love it! here are some photos to enjoy it's sophisticated line...

favourite kitchen...


monday home tour ... Jan Eleni apartment

This Monday is dedicated to one absolutely fantastic, interesting, different and eclectic apartment...owned by New York interior decorator, Jan Eleni Lemonedes from Jan Eleni inc. Jan started her career with small used furniture shop, where she'd put anything lovable and interesting...and DIY jobs are not unusual for her...
Some people said she become famous over night...but it's not true...she worked very hard for years...and it's obvious how talented she is. I love her taste...absolutely exquisite! Enjoy the photos of  her gorgeous home...


It's not time to go inside yet...

Balcony, terrace, patio...I'm not ready to give it all up...days are sunny, warm and gorgeously windy (does that expression exists?)
September is perfect for lounging outside among flowers and big plants. As not many people can enjoy the real garden and backyard...I dedicate this post to all of you with a balcony... which can be like a small garden. With cress wriggling out of the pots ... ivy climbing the walls and a space-saving furnishings... it gives many beautiful morning or evening hours, depending on how the sun falls. Here is some inspiration...


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