pretty and practical..

You know me...one who loves space saving ideas..thrifty and lovely. Combine with what you have to find the best solution. Although there's always more than one solution..I believe.
Here I found pictured some new ideas of multipurpose

Don't we all have tons of jars,probably unused? This is lovely way to store herbs, homemade jams (you all known that), or any kind of grocery. I use my jars for everything. Little baby food jars for pearls, beads, paper clips, rubbers... Big jars for cutlery sets,or food, even flowers..and odd kitchen tools...

cute cupboard for limited space in dining area. show off  your collection of pottery. I have a similar teapot bought for just 2e..unbelievable. look,isn't it lovely?

if you don't have other place for working desk,or your open unit always looks cluttered,cover it with skirt that matches your apartment. make it a display shelf for flowers,photos, fruits..or anything you love

you can literally anywhere put book shelves..any place would feel more inviting and cozy..never cluttered. out of some sponge,and fabric left overs make cozy floor cushions,which can be used for coffe or breakfest in bed too..as an instant table

multitasking coffee table,easy to clean under it. by the window is hidden work table. calming color palette makes room seem bigger,feels comfortable and airy
arrange furniture away from the walls, makes space seem uncluttered and bigger. place narrow table behind sofa,for a bit discrete working area

seating coushions can be placed in a similar box, for not standind on the way. box can also be used as a side or coffee table,or one more seating unit. very functional yet aesthetical if you ask me

use boxes for everything. that way you'll avoid clutter, everything will look so organized

small unit for crafting zone. in a plain shoe box you can storage all ribbons, so cheap yet so functional

hang on the wall all pans and cutlery sets. it looks awsome, easy to use,easy to store

super glue small spice jars under the shelf

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