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It's time for beautiful eclectic design style that labeled the first two decades of 20th century. Notes:
* Began in Paris, but prospered in Hollywood...
* it affected all design areas - fashion, interior design, architecture, industrial design and visual arts.
* At the time, this eclectic and artistic style was seen as elegant, glamorous, functional and modern.
* It was influenced by Cubism, Neoclassical, Constructivism, Modernism and Futurism
* Designers integrated several elements from other countries: primitive arts of Africa, Greco-Roman classicism, art of Babylon, Tutankamon and Pompeii

* Sweeping curves, chevron, ziggurat, the fountain and the sunburst motifs are tipical for ART DECO.
* It's characterized by use of aluminium, stainless steel, lacquer, bakelite, chrome, inlaid wood and exotic materials.
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Clean and geometric look is timeless, and if you haven't noticed, Art Deco elements are very popular among interior designers. You can spot it almost everywhere.

Use elements of this style to create timeless elegancy:
* declutter. Central element of Art Deco is a minimalist, uncluttered look
* use streamlined furniture, geometric patterns and sweeped curves, wrought iron or other metals
* use rich red, black or any dark lacquered wood, table trays and serving platters. patterned wood inlays and sleek, glossy finishes
* upholster furniture in bright solid colour fabric, or geometric patterned fabrics for cushions or chairs. peacock feather and animal prints for accent pieces
* colour palette doesn't have that big role as the right chosen furniture. black,white,browns and tans with use of green as the most popular Art Deco colour choice. walls are painted in pastel to create the perfect background for furniture and accessories
* use curvaceous accessories like vases and sculptures
* posters were promoted by Art Deco, used for the first time as interior decoration
* inject a stylized sunburst shape...nowdays often as a decorative mirror

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  1. Odlična priča!Jako volim ovaj period u art-craft svetu.

  2. Takodje...smatram ga revolucijom u razmišljanju

  3. I would love to know where the photo
    in ("Use elements of this style to create timeless elegancy") came from and if there are any other from that interior and also where that mirror came from.


  4. Great home goods ideas! I have been blogging my home design projects on http://sabineshome.com What do you suggest using for home decor?


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