polka dots

Enliven your neutral room with bold polka dot pattern on accent wall. Yellow is my favourite, but of course you can choose any combination you fancy. This happy tone of yellow energizes the space, but not overwhelming it because of plenty of white.

Another lovely idea, from the same house. More muted polka dot pattern in the white kitchen with bright pink accents. Beautiful!
photos from micasa


random inspiration

Since I started working full time in a tourist agency last month, it seems like I don’t have much time for a blog. Although the job itself isn’t exhausting, I find myself too tired to even turn on the computer…but then I think of some beautiful  interiors I could miss, or brilliant ideas to simplify our life – and I’m filled up with positive, creative energy that makes me happy. Let’s browse some random inspiration for our homes, shall we?


Home office in a living room can be charming, if you choose interesting chair and make your storage work for you. Add some greenery to it, and your cosy little pc corner is the cutest.


tiny room for two little girls

Amazing interior design and storage solution by Tina Kurpez / Karas studio as always. Tina has such a good sense of space complemented with great design eye. That’s just my subjective thinking… blink blink.
She transformed this tiny room in a special kingdom for two little girls, with tons of storage and still enough room to play/draw/study. Truly a room they can grow into. Love the dark walls as a background for fresh green furniture. I would describe this room as vivid, inspiring, happy and fresh. foto: Berislava Picek / Cropix
studio karas
…check out the rest of the room


would you…

change your upper kitchen cabinets with vintage crates?


found it on Copy Paste

original source


there's no style without parsons desk

Ok, I was too harsh with this title...but it shows how much I love the line and versatility of the parsons desk. It is simply a modernist square or rectangular table whose four, square legs are equal in thickness to the top. As far as I know, they can be bought at West Elm and Home renovators - both unavailable for me! And I want that table so badly! Lucky for me, there are some handy men around, who could make the desk for me.


random collection of inspirational images

 Although I'm working on this lazy Sunday + holiday, I have some spare time for a quick post full of inspiration. Tiny lounge nook is calling me for reading or napping time (nap would be good!). Every part of it is beautiful - wall sconce, roman shade, brick wall, pattern on pillows and that cute little industrial table, awwww


living well in a small apartment

 Let's say you have 30-something square meters apartment, and want to create a multifunctional, relaxing home with a hint of industrial chic combined with natural materials and colours. Use some ideas shown in the apartment below. Dark wood kitchen cabinets without knobs are paired with light oak hardfloor. Oven and microwave are built in the wall. Open bookshelf is used to separate a bedroom from living area, and sofa  is in focus with its interesting pattern. via achados de decoracao




via extremely adorable blog Mali Iv

home tour

So many interesting things around this home, there’s a lot going on wherever you look creating the livable and representative family space. White background seems to be perfect for knick-knacks. via Ikea fmaily live



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