winter idea.. white living room

Do you think white is boring? Ok, I know everyone has a different taste, but let me show you how white can be interesting, especially during winter. Yes, it is the perfect color for summer, to cool it down…but in wintertime, we can feel like in the snow, yet so warm and cozy. First, some examples of warmer white living rooms, adding cream, pale yellow or light brown. Don’t forget to add texture when decorating in white – different materials and structures.

shutters and a sneak peak into montenegro

Some of you know how much I love windows, especially one with shutters. I have a huge collection of window photos,arts and prints. For me it represents open heart and open mind, look into the future, beyond boundaries. As a counterbalance, I’m attracted to old, vintage windows…and shutters. Photo below was taken in Istra – Croatia.
stare shkure


Easy peasy DIY idea…

Here’s one late night post… The 45 week of this year is ahead of us, which means we’re so close to Holidays, yipeee. It’s never too early to start decorating for Holidays, do you agree?
So, this time I want to show you beautiful, romantic yet so easy decor idea of my friend Lenka, who writes Krpice i Konci blog. Lenka is multitalented and full of inspiration. I wrote about her  here and here.


passion finds… bedside tables

Here are some examples that I think are interesting. Some of them are more original than the others, but all of them are functional.
The thing is – I like them…that’s what this post is all about :)

passion finds.. good mood factory

Hello my friends. It’s unusually hot and sunny day here in Herceg Novi for this time of year. The sea looks like someone poured hundred of brilliants on its surface, the view is magical let me tell ya.
The little one is asleep, so I have time for a post. While flipping through DECO my place, an unlimited source of inspiration from real homes…one album caught my attention. To be honest, it’s not the best ever, or unbelievably different, but it is warm, cozy, colorful and passionate.
good mood factory16

3 in 1 room

Hello again, my dearest readers! How you're doing? I've been very busy lately, so I wasn't around my or any other blog...sigh. Have a lot to catch up.


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