I'm so happy..share the joy with me

Did you read my first article on Enterijer? As a contributing author,I'll be posting every Monday... Article from yesterday is about arranging accessories and collections you have...how to make the best of it.
I would love that you leave a comment here or on that article if you read it...it would mean so much to me


  1. Hey Millie,

    Although, I didn't understand any of the language, I enjoyed the photos and the designs.

    Great job!


  2. Wow,thank you,you're so sweet! I have google translator installed on bookmark tab, so I think everyone else has it... I'm glad you visited site though,I can't thank you enough :)

  3. Jasna i korisna informacija, a i sama tema je dobra, jer, detalj je pravi začin u svakom poslu sa akcentom na vizuelnom. Sve mi se čini da bi napisala odličnu knjigu na ovu temu!!!
    Millie mnogo ti hvala na poklonu :D,jel može maslinasto zelena?

  4. Joooj,hvala ti do neba... O temi dekorisanja ima toliko da se kaze,tesko je sazeti...
    A maslinasto zelena stize :D


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