unexpected moment

You can't decide on shape of pendant? Why not having all of them...like in the photo above. Those three pendants tell a story with their shape. It seems to me like they are evolving from left to right...what do you think?

via home-designing.com

end of October...

 This October was (still is) one of the longest months this year...for me. I was so thrilled about everything in October! I thought I will manage some time just for myself and this blog, but that didn't happened. I was re-positioned on my job and needed to adjust. My older boy went on vacation with my sister 500 km away, and I miss him so much. Can't wait to come home and give him a hug! Days are so long when we are not all together. I try to humor myself by looking at beautiful photos...this time, inspired by colours I see around me.


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