summer issues...

It's always very busy summer here in Herceg Novi. Main city income is during summer,when our tourism season hits it's peak. In winter almost nothing is going on,but we all work our best in summertime.City is awake,full of tourists,music,happenings...

We're not renting,but we're no less busy than the others. My family is very big- I have three sisters, two of them are married with couple of kids,and we love to get together in this time of the year. It's precious time for me,and I believe for all of us. We all live in different countries,
Beside that, I will have a few more guests soon, which makes me very happy.
Why am I writing this to you? Just to let you know that probably I won't be posting very often, as you've already noticed. Plus, I spend almost all my free time to make the perfect PassionDecor brand design. I'm designing logo,headboard,business card,blog button and design boards. The only free time I have is when my Bumble is asleep - two hours during the day,and after 10 in the evening.
Don't worry, I won't end this post without some lovely summer photos (although is raining here)


  1. Eh, fotke baš mame na letnje lenstvovanje.
    Jedva čekam da vidim kompletan vizuelni identitet :D!

    Moram da te pitam, ako slučajno znaš, da li radi Žalo?

  2. Počeo je da radi medju prvima...i prvi su sredili plažu...
    Tamo se kupaš? epicentar :)
    Rijetko kad tamo odlazim u sezoni,iako nam je škver druga kuća
    Sigurno si upoznata sa slučajem mještana koji bježe od gužve na plažama... :)

  3. Millie hvala. Uplašila sam se prošle godine da kafe više neće raditi jer mi je to omiljeno mesto za ispijanje kafe i lenčarenje(baš zato što je praznjikavo u odnosu na druga mesta :).
    ...a kupanje tu, barem za mene, nikako. Ne podnosim gužvu i buku.
    Hvala za link,odlična stvarčica!!!

  4. Oh, you are so lucky to be entering summer now, the winter has just started here in Australia and it is cold and rainy. I love the photos in this post and good luck with your Blog branding :)

  5. Greetings from USA! I love your blog.
    Please visit me at:

  6. I just got an outdoor sofa and am needing a couple other pieces! Thanks for the inspiration! =)

  7. The summer time is really enjoying. We have some holidays and these type of decorations will make your summer most enjoyable.


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