perfect home no.2 ** savršen dom br.2 Caroline Anderson's home


passion finds.. log home in Spain

Inspired by autumn I decided to show you this modern,warm and cozy wooden home located in Spanish mountains. This is definitely something I want to have in my inspirational folder. Would it be nice to have a wooden home like this,even much smaller...somewhere in the mountains...spending there week or two during winter?


design style... Africa

It's not easy to talk about african interior style, because it's meshup of different cultures of Middle East, Arabian,Portugal,Spain,France and England... In center of all these cultural influences is african tribal tradition, with it's beautiful simbols and elements celebrating the Earth, animals and overall life.
I can feel the rythm in every piece made by African origins.


monday home tour..Beth Armijo's apartment

Today, we're touring the home of Beth Armijo, very talented designer and owner of Armijo Design Group, who describes her work as fresh,classic and exquisite. Beth's lovely and colourful apartment was featured in Better Homes and Gardens online magazine in a begining of 2009, when I saved it in my inspirational folder.

I love her home because it's quite feminine and sophisticated in accessories, and again masculine in some elements like concrete pole in the living room, oversized lamp or the mirror in the dining room. I don't know if she lives there alone or with a partner, but this apartment nicely shows how to implement both feminine and masculine and still having a great design.


wish I had a room like this...

do you know what pinterest is?..

Hello everybody :)
I've noticed one person stopped following me these days..can't describe how sad I am about that. It's because I'm not posting often enough. In the future,I'll try my best to find some spare time to write good posts more often.
I want to thank you for being patience and believer...hoping you know how much it means to me.


perfect home ** savršen dom No1

I apologize to you,my dearest readers and visitors, for non posting for days... :(
I have problems with my pc, and had problems with my internet connection-I was cut out for too long if you ask me. Internet connection is established now, but my pc is acting like the old man with too many health problems. It may take years before I buy a new one, although buying new pc would be cheaper than fixing problems every month. I cannont start my Illustator (and I almost can't live without it),and I can not install a new version - my pc doesn't alowe it. Same thing happend with Skype (I'm going crazy without it as my sisters live abroad and skype is the only way to keep in touch with them regularly)...
Untill I buy a new computer (wishing being able to buy The Mac), I hope you'll forgive me for periodical absence; now you know who's to blame :)

Because it's monday,it's time for house tour. I've prepared planty of materials, including a new category soon featuring home tours in my area :) Still thinking how to name the category and how often to post it. Have ideas?please share :D


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