{design dilemma} how to decorate small hallway

design dilemma

How can I decorate my unattractive, somewhat long, hallway with many doors and no natural light? It’s the first thing I see when I enter the home and it’s not making me happy at all. Typical hallway furniture is too big for this space and I don’t know how to make it functional and pretty. Have any ideas for me? Jelena


pink, blue, yellow…sofa

In the era of neutral sofas as the first and best choice to create a well styled room even without decorating skills, you find yourself coveting for a bright coloured sofa or even patterned one. Go with it! and if you wonder how to decorate the room around such a vibrant and statement piece, I’ll try to help you decide. Depending on the look you want, you may want to showcase the vivid colour of the sofa, or make it blend with the rest of the room. The colors you choose to surround the sofa are key to achieving the right design for the space.



{love this space} tiny kitchen nook

Sometimes some tiny spaces can turn out to be everyone’s favourite place in the house. Custom built storage bench and a table provide comfort for breakfast, coffee break or kids’ activity and studying. 

Kitchen_Nook_Manuel_Canovas_Wallpaper-simplified bee1


would you…

… create a room divider out of building blocks?

casa chaucha1casa chaucha


true Spanish spirit

Today I bring you one outstanding home tour, full of hearth and personality. The owner is very talented and creative, making home decorating items out of fabric yarn. I guess my favourites are the white triangle bean bag and colourful storage baskets. Full house tour and an interview is on Bla*d but I found it via Styllia

amor puro


please, help...

Hi guys, I need your help ASAP!
Fortunately or unfortunately, I have to change the name of my blog. When I started PassionDecor at 2009, I didn't know much about blogs, or keywords or anything. The name PassionDecor was a first thing that fell on my head (it's the expression here) and I didn't think if anyone else has the name. Later I realized - too many 'Passion decor's are out there. I've tried to ignore the fact, until I saw few days ago about one more PassionDecor blog.

Don't know about you, but it's so hard to choose a right name... could you give me a hand?

I would much appreciate if you can give some ideas in the comment section. You all know my fondness of colours and small spaces, so should I include it in the name? I thought to go simple as "Colour Home"

Can't wait to hear your thoughts, please share it with me! love you all!!!


{perfect home No. 34} Nordic maxi coloured

This lovely house features a different kind (my kind) of Nordic décor. It has a white background but it was only used to make the rest of the elements stand out. The huge blank canvas was filled with lots of colourful and vibrant details. Many different colors were combined but they were beautifully balanced. It’s interesting how each room or space has its own palette of colors. The kitchen is mostly white with black and ocher. Then the space continues into the living room where an entire wall was painted ochre. It was combined with turquoise and blue accents and a brown sofa and the contrast is quite beautiful. Adding purple to the palette starts in entryway and continues to the upstairs, where you climb on bright red stairs. Upstairs the palette is calmer, perfect for rest area. Exterior of the house is unspeakably lovely



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