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Hello everybody...
One more post about computer desks, since I'm not satisfied with my own... although my darling made it, based on my drawing. From the start it was just a temporary solution... because I'm planing to buy a laptop.
What kind of desk should be perfect for me? We have a small space beside sofa that's perfect for a pc corner for now. We already had few different and temporary solutions since we moved in

Don't mind that scaled down art on the wall..it's too small - I know, but I'm still thinking what to put there with it to look nice and not overwhelmed. I love that painting, it's wedding gift from my eldest sister. At the end I believe it's going to be colour blocking. White walls are also the first period solution, because mine advice to everyone is- first choose furniture and move in,then you'll find the best colour choices for your space :) It's easier to find perfect colour based on furniture,than finding furniture based on wall colour..except you're going for safe solutions..and especially because we don't have too many choices when comes to furniture
I couldn't live without my pc,so we brought here my old school desk,which is too big for the space,not pretty and functional
another cheap solution I am using for now, desk made of used-before-for-something-else plywood

But now I want something more attractive, with option to hide clutter and unfinished work...and I was thinking an armoire (I love this one). Even color choices shown on this example suites me, and it's great to have so much space for everything I need. Just have to consider a space for my scanner/printer.
Few days ago, such perfect idea came to my mind. How about I make a wall mounted table,that can easily be transformed into console, with a table lamp and flowers on top of it, and with pair of ottomans under it for an extra seating. I was planning to draw it down and show it to you...but then I got e-mail from Home-Designing and was amazed! They heard my thoughts...and sent me picture of this

This is Ledge Desk from Urban Case,perfect for laptop and my lovely space. Let's see few more photos of this beauty...

What do you think about this desk..is it lovely and smart? I love it because it can be implemented in almost any style :) 

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