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My relatives asked me to make design for their new apartment. They are building a three level house,but using only the level in the middle for themselves. The 130sq metres apartment is still in working progress, and my first asignment was to help them choose how many light and electricity fixtures they need and where to put them. Beside that, their main problem is to make the best of their 40sqm open space reserved for kitchen/dining/living area. I will show you my work as it evolves...
One room I left empty because it's going to be playroom now. They have two kids, but that room won't be used for other untill they grow up a little. Living room, kid's bedroom and master bedroom are opened to really big balcony, with a view to the sea.. 
Let's show you some 3d designs of kitchen...although I made it in Ikea kitchen planner,it's nice. I don't have enough knowledge (or time to learn now) on 3D kitchen designing, so I run for a simplier solution :)
Hm..one more thing...untill I find out how to take pictures from pc when pictures can not be taken,I'll be extremly happy... For now,those shots are poor due to my lack of knoledge and computer refreshner...

Next week, you will see designboards for their kitchen...


  1. Hi, just found your lovely blog and am now a follower. I look forward to seeing your ideas for your relatives as they come about :)

  2. Jedva čekam da vidimo kompletan projekat(prostor je skoro identičan mom stanu, pa je baš interesantno:D). Sigurna sam da će biti fantastičan!


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