open plan living / otvoren prostor

Open-plan living is two or more living areas without walls or any kind of unmovable barriers which means the different living areas are not  distinctly separated. A growing modern trend amongst society in homes is opting for open-plan living so it's without doubt a WONDERFUL CHOICE as far as your home decor is concerned.fort lee new jersey residence designed by PeterPawlak com
via Peter Pawlak

Monday home tour ... Fernando Blanco

It's been a while since the last Monday home tour. Not that I haven't got any home tour to show, it just kind of slipped my mind. But. we're back on track :)
This artistic home belongs to an architect Fernando Blanco. Found on Nuevo Estilo Online magazine1_2g

blog update

Hope it's noticeable - PassionDecor is redesigned a bit! What do YOU think?


before2-7-2011 5-19-25 PM

afterizgled bloga 28-02

Finally, I have designed a logo, blog header, button and banners as well as labels. YAAY!

It was time to change the color palette, too. And please, don't be surprised - I will be changing colors from time to time...maybe suited for time of the year or the palette will speak about my state of being...who knows :)

If you want to link to my blog...please DO :) I've created a button and banners you can use. One more thing, I would love you to let me know if linked to PassionDecor, so I could link back.

120x70banner 120x70

150x90banner 150x90

wish you a lovely day! ENJOY! xoxo 


passion finds ... everything small

charcoal grey and yellow bedroom via casa greer via Casa Greer

* Every child is an artist - says Picasso. I suggest to keep that artist on the surface, which means you will have A LOT of art supplies. Here's an idea how to organize it

* want to throw a party? what's a good party without proper hats? well, why don't you make them...it's quite easy

* hm... grey bedroom with pops of yellow would make me very lazy. as well as the one pictured above

* small but sweet apartment. Love the sectional and the kitchen. Oh, and the art above the bed :) want that!

* did you know that you can turn this kid's foam mats into piece of loveliness? all you need is artist hiding in you to wake up or find some printable on the net

* please, raise your hand if you have one room for several purposes! Jordan's living room has to have a sitting area, playing area, home office. sounds familiar...

* it's often said creativity hits it's peak when having limited possibilities...so let your creativity out and repurpose

* I sure need a pantry, it is quite challenging to store everything I need in the small kitchen. Without one, I feast my eyes on other people's pantries...this lady knocked me down with awesome pantry makeover as well as sincere and interesting post!


*if you want your home suited to your personality and needs

contact me for a free design board*


color palette ... warm hues in living room


Until the spring comes, we're all cuddling in our warm homes, on a comfy sofa...drinking tea and reading a book if you ask me...

That's why I found a nice warm and natural color palette which is also soothing and pleasant for warmer days, because of the gray sofa and neutral off-white wall color.  Honey wood color is very beautiful and can easily work with lots of different shades.

In this photo particularly, there's no accent color besides color of the wood. Adding and changing accessories periodically will make the room always up-to-date


bold pattern in the kitchen

These beautiful fretwork doors are inspired by traditional hand-carved Indonesian mirror frames. A clever way to incorporate bold pattern into simple,elegant kitchen. I'm thinking of having a kitchen like this! 4-Kitchen-Luxe-Ethnic-CameraPress-DamienPleming via red

6 ways for home office / radni kutak na 6 nacina

My passion for well designed and decorated home offices never ends..whenever I find some inspiring and lovely solutions I just HAVE to share it with you. All examples have clean, uncluttered feeling, with just enough details to keep it interesting and not overwhelmedwhite-office-redcover-alun callender-via red


passion finds ... good ideas

An-Angel-at-My-Table-birdcage-mirror *an angel at my table birdcage mirror

* Birdcages were very popular in the design blogosphere last spring, but are still a trend..especially with the new spring coming along. Mirror camouflaged in birdcage is my favorite{picture above}, but check out what Alicia put together as birdcage inspiration

* Do you know how to accessorize the coffee table? I find these examples very helpful

* My kitchen is small and without natural light...it's inspiring to know some people knew what to do with kitchen like that 

*  meet Saša Antić  - stylist living in Sweden. Got to love his portfolio!

* Using jars as picture frames. Great idea!

I plan to make a series of posts with links to things I find interesting. It is hard and not so pretty to blog about EVERYTHING I find lovely and inspiring, so this is the solution


glimpse into Tia Zoldan's unique home

A few days ago, 01.February to be precise,  High Gloss is launched – a wonderful new online lifestyle magazine with loads style inspiration plus plenty decor inspiration and gorgeous home tours as well…My favorite is the home of LA based designer Tia Zoldan.  Paloma Contreras from La Dolce Vita said Tia's home is "eclectic yet approachable, beautiful without pretention...a study in layers. Her home harmonizes modern with traditional, old with new, bright pinks with neutral grays and blacks". That been read, you should know my heart skipped a beat after seeing this home tour. here's a glimpse into it
via high gloss magazine tia zoldans home *look out for more in the magazine High Gloss
High Gloss is the brainchild of famous blogger Paloma Contreras from La Dolce Vita who teamed up with an talented group of bloggers including Erin Gates of Elements of Style, Kyle Knight of Knight Moves, Shannon Wollack of Life. Style and Ashley Steen of Orchard 11 whom I love to follow.

color palette ... natural in bedroom

via frisson-design
*via Frisson
Love this color palette. So natural. Water, seashells, mountains, stone, earth, sand, minerals - can you see all of that?


geninne's fab studio

Well, this is what I call a good art studio

geninne's art blog_studio1

Good idea for storing pens, brushes and other artistic goods are jars, cups or ceramic pots, all nicely arranged in a tray.

I LOVE calligraphy block on the wall. Words and letters SO inspire me!

geninne's art blog_studio2 geninne's art blog_studio3 

Color of the wooden furniture is beautiful. So retro, yet modern. Goes well with so many different styles. And look at those inspiration boards!

* all photos via Geninne's art blog


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