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Last Monday i wrote about Morocco and how to implement it's style into your home.
I'm so inspired by it's style...have always been...but think I could never live in a home decorated that way.

Moroccan style started to be popular back in 2007, and it's not almost any less popular now. Especially if there is variation called Modern moor, launched by designers who have modernized original motifs and ornaments, bringing their's essence to the surface.
Modern moor is all about decorating with key elements, giving just a hint of your likes and interests and not overwhelming the space. You'll make the most by decorating with fabrics and patterns inspired by Morocco, or bringing one or very few pieces of original furniture.

But if you like to learn more about it,here you go
Moroccans use colours of their surroundings - blue of Atlantic, green of Mediterranean, red and orange of  African sunsets, gold of Sahara's sand and silver of dunes in the moonlight... Furniture is very low to ground, and is always covered with rich and colourful fabrics. Cushions and throw pillows are used in large amounts.
When hearing about Morocco first thing on many people's mind is canopy. I find it extremely beautiful,don't you? I bet you do :)
Candles or original lamps can bring Morocco to your home. Dim lightinng is very important there. Maybe you've noticed that Moroccans are very talented people when comes to combining colours (they are very talented for everything relating to interiors and design). My point: they knew the right colour choices for rooms with low natural light and how much artificial lightning is important in those dark rooms full of rich colour...


  1. Super su mi ove lampice,bogato ukrašena ogledala,ali ovi okovani ormari su zakon!
    I ja želim jedan takav!

  2. Tacnije,a to sam kasnije vidjela, stavila sam skupa vrata i orman. Vrata su okovana.
    Zar nije fantasticno imati ovakva ulazna vrata od kuce?izuzetna su....

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    Is this possible?


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