small spaces..

Small apartments are always most difficult to decorate and use every inch of them...but they're also the most intriguing to the eye. I bring you a few more ideas for advantages of small spaces,cause I know it's a problematic area in Balkan. Hope you'll like it..
office in nook

Hang the curtains over a nische, even wider than the hatch is,cause we're consuming there's something behind the curtains,although it's just a wall.. Great way to make room look larger
built in bench
Make built-in storage for maximum efficiency
recessed bed
If you have any awkward angles in your home,make use of it..by putting a small pc desk,or sitting boxes for cozy effect..
nesting tables
What a lovely side table..and yet so functionala,don't you think. There's room for everything you might need. Lot's of ideas in one place..
Orange Kids Play Room
Keep as much as possible away from the floor in the kid's room...this wall unit is perfect for storage, every item is easy to find..
sage green living room
Big mirror or a big picture on the wall makes a focal point, and keeps the mind off the small room. In this picture,big throw pillow is a BIG mistake.
built-in shelves
Multipurpose room

For making a room seem larger,leave the window without curtains or any other treatment...choose sleek line furniture and accessories that pop out. You can always play with color.

Be neat under the bed. I'm sure,we're all using that space,but not so efficiently, which is tremendously important..
Hope you liked at least one of ideas... Untill next time,good night


  1. This is such an useful post! Love all the picture you chose for it! xo

  2. This is such an useful post! Love all the picture you chose for it! xo

  3. I'm glad you liked it...
    Welcome to my blog :D


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