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Before I post new Zara-fave-items-boards,I want to show you idea for my balcony. It was originaly a balcony,but the previous owner added windows,so it's sort of closed balcony. We've been using it as original purpose,but from the begining I wasn't happy with it. I would love my living room expands to the balcony. Few months ago, I made it as a playroom for Bumble, and there's also a hobby desk made by my husband.He's not using it very often,so I took it over :)
here are some examples of how it used to be...and how it's now (photos with purple rug)
It's a great place for craft corner, but we also need much more organized storage,and of course we need seating area, as we all love spending our time there-drinking coffee or playing with bumble. I hate that plastic chair,I would've never bought it.
here's drawing. info: it's only 5m2 area
Entrance is from living area...on the right I want a seating area under the window,where is hobby desk now. My dilemma is between I or L seating composition. In both cases we would make small disassemble table,mounted on the wall. You can see drawing on the right,example of that table looking like wall art when assembled.
If we make L seating,more people(4) could be enjoying there,or just three of us :) But if we make I seating we would have more free area. I like both versions,but probably will go for L,because of extra seating and extra storage. You can see my idea on the far right of the below photo.
Another but similar version for table is that black one with storage.
My idea for a curtain fabric is in circle, it would be looking great to have a lovely unisex patterned fabric. Second choice is wooden roll shades.
You can see perspective drawing of our craft corner, with a closet 60cm wide. We would use it for storing house cleaning products,vacum cleaner,ironing set, most of the household tools,everything for paint job and hubbies fishing tools. The desk and shelves will be full of magazines, papers,pencils,and all those craft products I'm just crazy about. Can't wait to get my own sewing machine,to start sewing for the first time. 
Don't mind the colour of the drawer cabinet...it will probably be purple or turquoise.

How do you like this? 

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