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Another small but stylish and completely functional apartment. I've probably found it via one of the real estate agencies in Norway, but back then I did not write down links and tags...assuming it's impossible to forget the source of such a gem. Well, I forgot it, of course.
All decorating styles can work in a small apartment as well as in big ones, except everything should be at scale and a bit simplified. Considering how most people don't know their style, wanting modern home for easy living and cleaning, this light and airy apartment with pops of bright colors is perfect.
You can still have a cozy reading spot with a bookshelf - if it's elevated and wall mounted. Always think vertical. Softy faux sheepskin for warm feet is easy to roll and put aside in warmer days.
White walls aren't useful if you don't have good lightning, so spread enough light bulbs through your home and the WHITE will be BRIGHT
Decide what should be the focus in your room. Here it's the sectional sofa with colorful pillows, while the rest of the furniture is neutral.
White kitchens are timeless and my favorite. Good planning is crucial when creating a kitchen in a small apartment. Good organization in advance is half job done.
Bed should be the focal point of any bedroom. You can create a focal point with bold bedding, or picture frames above the headboard, or with interesting area rug around the bed...by painting the wall behind the bed or wallpapering it... There are so many options to choose from
Smart thing is to wallpaper the entryway,or at least a part of it. It's high traffic area so this is the great way to preserve your walls clean.
And last but not least - create storage wherever you can and make your furniture and rooms flexible and multipurpose


  1. Znaš, nekad požeim živjeti u ovim tvojim slikama...

  2. All gorgeous images, I love that kitchen!


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