home of interior designer Lisa Teague

Today we're visiting this delightful home belonging to designer Lisa Teague, and photographed so beautifully by James Salomon. Lisa is known for her keen sense of color and custom wall finishes, which are clearly demonstrated in her amazing home!  Her home boasts a view of the Picataqua River, and Lisa said she kept pretending it was a boat and outfitted it as such. She said that even though it's only 700 sq ft (65m2), it functions beautifully. Lisa teaches classes in color concepts and organic plasters and finishes. She also has a blog filled with inspiration and great photos! For more of her work, view her website here, and for more from James, head here!
home of LisaTeague6 via HouseOfTurquoise
home of LisaTeague7 via HouseOfTurquoise home of LisaTeague8 via HouseOfTurquoise  home of LisaTeague10 via HouseOfTurquoise home of LisaTeague11 via HouseOfTurquoisehome of LisaTeague via HouseOfTurquoisehome of LisaTeague3 via HouseOfTurquoise home of LisaTeague4 via HouseOfTurquoise home of LisaTeague5 via HouseOfTurquoise
found via House of Turquoise

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