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Hello everybody! Very interesting, thrifty, vintage, cozy apartment was featured on Apartment therapy recently. Hilda Grahnat is a freelance photographer, graphic designer and flea market addict as she explains on her blog. I find her apartment very cozy, interesting and creative.
Hilda grahnat home

I heart
the yellow lamp
gorg mid-century cabinet
SwedishHiRise_040511_5_rect640SwedishHiRise_040511_2_rect640 I heart
dozen+ of metal cans and boxes
SwedishHiRise_040511_3_rect640   SwedishHiRise_040511_7_rect640 SwedishHiRise_040511_8_rect640   well organized work space...everything is within easy reach
SwedishHiRise_040511_11_rect640 SwedishHiRise_040511_12_rect640 SwedishHiRise_040511_13_rect640SwedishHiRise_040511_15_rect640 SwedishHiRise_040511_16_rect640picture galleries always a great way to display the memorabilia
SwedishHiRise_040511_17_rect640  SwedishHiRise_040511_19_rect640    SwedishHiRise_040511_27_rect640SwedishHiRise_040511_23_rect640SwedishHiRise_040511_29_rect640 SwedishHiRise_040511_30_rect640SwedishHiRise_040511_32_rect640 SwedishHiRise_040511_33_rect640 SwedishHiRise_040511_34_rect640
Find your style and show it to the world. Don't be afraid to use different chairs in dining,or different accessories. display everything you really love so you'll always enjoy the look
*photos belong to Hilda Grahnat

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