a glimpse into ...

the home I used to live in with my parents. It's 1970 house, survived a strong earthquake in '79, and it hasn't changed since it was built. Now it is completely renovated, all plumbing and electric fixtures are brand new and layout is a bit changed. This time I'm just showing you dining room after photo and floor plans before and after. All before/after photos with some explanation will be posted soon.
013 tunedstan hn za novineParents's home after 
Are you curious to see more? What do you think so far?
*all photos belongs to PassionDecor


  1. Really nice! Love the greens :) And I can only imagine the emotional value...

  2. I love the ideas on your blog. Nice colours and arrangements. It's giving me some ideas for my own home. I'm a new follower.
    Found you on the Spearmint Baby blog hop.

  3. Hello, new follower from the hop. Looking forward to your upcoming posts on the dining room. Would love for you to visit www.fingerclicksaver.com HAGW!


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