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Thanks to Kristina at Miss Decor studio, I found out about Dora iz Londona who left a comment on Kristina's blog. Sometimes one awakes my curiosity to find out who's behind that name. I'm happy to find Dora iz Londona, because her home in London is so beautiful. I love it! You will do, too...and I'm sure some of you'll consider asking them to move in :)dora iz londona flickr photostream12
dora iz londona flickr photostream13dora iz londona flickr photostream3dora iz londona flickr photostream17dora iz londona flickr photostream8dora iz londona flickr photostream6dora iz londona flickr photostream19dora iz londona flickr photostream20dora iz londona flickr photostream16dora iz londona flickr photostream22dora iz londona flickr photostream23dora iz londona flickr photostream11what I love about this tour?
*  I love that little Dora has the same but smaller "working" corner as her Mama.
*  Mirrors all around the house
*  adore the kitchen
*  that cozy corner for tea time is absolutely adorable. It's the owner's favorite place...and it would be for me,too
all photos belongs to  Dora iz Londona


  1. How lovely! The color palette is so soothing. Have a wonderful Sunday!

  2. Thank you both for lovely comments!

  3. I love everything about this! I adore the color palette, clean lines, bistro table (looking for one myself!) and mirrors. Love the blog - I found you via Spearmint Baby!


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