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It's springtime... For a week now I am all into spring cleaning every detail, and I can tell you - it feels GOOD! My head is always full of redecorating ideas but it is hard to make my husband say YES. All I need is to make him realize that my way is better way. He doesn't care too much for design anyway...but he also doesn't like to be much involved into decorating process.
But... hopefully (and finally,after three years) this spring we're going to redecorate our tiny, dark but sweet eat-in kitchen. Well, all cabinets are in red/grey combination (which is not very pretty, believe me), countertop is grey, white tile is in between, with hideous light blue wall (my husband choice without me by his side) and creamy floor tiles. Dining table is walnut brown and chairs are creamy. I KNOW...in your heads you think "what the..."! and yep, I cooked and baked there for three years now, and learned somehow to love my kitchen. After all, that was the only thing we could afford back then, and now we have to make things right. Blue walls looks better on the photo, and by now we painted the ugly yellow-y window and dark shutters into crisp white. Much Better.
{via Greige}
I was thinking what to do to connect everything in the kitchen + to make it feel more spacious and importantly - lighter. Grout between white tiles will be white,too...and as the countertop is grey I've decided to paint cabinets milky white and the walls in some shade of grey. There are few possibilities
1. all cabinets white + walls light grey
2. all cabinets white + walls dark grey
3. upper cabinets white + base cabinets dark grey + walls light grey
These are some inspiration photos I stumbled upon
via mydesigndump{via my design dump}  
grey-kitchen-design-ideas-1 via decoist {via decoist]
homemadeweek5image2 via lindsaymeager {via Lindsay Meager}
Just can't wait to start redecorating my kitchen


  1. Good luck with the redecoration, that's so exciting! Can't wait for the final results :)

  2. Thank you Sanja...just imagine my excitement :)
    I'm dancing every day ;)


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