living in the attic / udobnost u potkrovlju

Everyone's talking about spring...and that's just the way it should be. Spring is the most beautiful time of the year, colorful, warm, making us happy and full of energy. Interesting thing is: it seems I'm especially drawn to attics in spring time. It was almost a year ago, April as well, when I wrote about attic. Funny, don't you think?
Lovely space I'm showing you today is SO cozy, perfect to fully enjoy in the morning sun. Neutral and natural palette goes well in any time of the year. The tricky part of attic is always the short wall below the slope, and it's usually the best place for well organized storage. In this example the storage boxes are used as seating as well.
I find this space so lovely that I want to move in immediately...and bask in the sunlight or the moonlight...sigh :)

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  1. I rented my attic flat because I instantly fell in love with how the sunlight simply sweeps the whole flat! And in the evening I look at the stars because there's a roof window just above my bed and the sound of rain...mmm... :)


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