stylish small ... everything in 40sqm

This apartment is very narrow and difficult to organize and decorate. Difficult but not impossible. Light floor and white walls gives the apartment so much needed luminosity  and natural light, making it seem like lot bigger. Wall shelves architecturally integrated, allows accessories to pop and not overwhelming the space. Focal point of the living space is wall art Blanca San Martin's design. Another focal point is black sofa, which maybe could be white or light grey, but this one really creates drama in white space. Perfect for young person...exploring itself and life.
Kitchen is functional, also blending in without unnecessary details like door knobs, kitchen accessories on the counter...etc. As you can see, and it's quite often in Europe ...to put washing machine in the kitchen. To divide different areas, glass panels are used which are almost unnoticeable.
salon_cocina_reference via casadiez elle es
salon_referencecocina_reference comedor_reference dormitorio_reference perchero_reference vestidor_reference {Realization: Ángeles Sanz. Photos: Luis Visconti}
Is there any idea you could copy from this apartment? do tell
* photos via CasaDiez

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