perfect home no.6 ** savršen dom br.6

This unbelievable stylish and vivid apartment was designed by antiques dealer Florence Lopez. She implemented colors, furniture and vintage forms like it was from '50s. Gorgeous colors like petroleum blue, grass green, mustard yellow, charcoal grey makes me covet for interior like this. Well, when put it all together - this should be my personal home decorating style {although I love too many different eras}...and I believe it is, because in a place like this I'd feel AT HOME! I wear these colors, why shouldn't I live surrounded by them? although sometimes all I want is soothing, neutral palette around me. Anyway...enough about me, I could chit chat like this for hours... :)
Let's enjoy the beauty of this home
home of FlorenceLopez via design crisis
home of FlorenceLopez1 via design crisis   home of FlorenceLopez4 via design crisis         home of FlorenceLopez7a via design crisis home of FlorenceLopez2a via design crisis home of FlorenceLopez via design crisis-1 copy
home of FlorenceLopez6a via design crisis  My favorite elements are bold & different colors, mixing materials, chalkboard sliding door dividing kitchen and dining, pendant lamp in bedroom and PLANTY of natural light.
found on Design Crisis and the source is Cote Maison. Photography by Jean-Marc Palisse


  1. I love the color scheme!

  2. Oh, the petroleum blue. And the chandelier in the bottom photos. Things like this make me come alive!


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