hedgehog / jez kao inspiracija za dekoraciju doma

Hedgehog is one of the cute animals,if you ask me. There's something about hedgehog I like so much,but I can't tell exactly what's that. love their colors, overall look and maybe symbolism it carries. Did you know hedgehog can be color of chestnut, cinnamon, sepia-orange, argent, brown-orange, apricot, blue amber, amber, lilac, cream, albino or my favorite opal :)
Because I love hedgehogs I searched the web for home decorations inspired by them.Here's what I found:
hedgehog pot via ginkgraph
hodgehog coasters via thisnext wouldn't be lovely to put your hot chocolate on this felt coaster
hodgehog pen holder via omcdesign keep your pens in this pen holder. looks awesome,isn't it?
koziol-kasimir-hedgehog-cheese-grater_via exitinteriors interesting cheese grater
rare vintage walter bosse stacking ashtrays1 via 12bluebirds on etsyStylish,unique and rare vintage Walter Bosse stacking ashtrays
hedgehog for kids
3. modern baby clock
1. 4. and 5. baby toy
platnaThis fabric with hedgehog and mushrooms looks so sweet...as well as this hand towel
What is your favorite animal?


  1. I'm a hedgehog lover myself because they're kind of mysterious and always tend for themselves! I like their cute little noses and glaring eyes and the way make that snoring sounds is absolutely cute! If you're a nice person, they might just let you scratch their belly (they like that, pst!)...
    I have a lot of kid's stuff with hedgehog motives!

  2. You're so right...I just couldn't find the right words to express my feelings about hedgehogs. They are so adorable, and if I ever get a tattoo it will be a hedgehog or a turtle :)
    a hug for you - hedgehog lover ;)

  3. SO cute! I think I'll attempt to make a pin cushion. Who could resist?

  4. I agree :) isn't it adorable?


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