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Too often we have to deal with things around us, and equally often we have to accept things the way they are, without recognizable possibility something will change. Don't mind me...I'm thinking out loud about internet access in my country and the fact we're living in XXI century. Something must be wrong! For this century it's predicted we'll live outside the Earth, or at least in totally different surrounding here on the planet...but, hey...I have problems with internet connection for days. It's a big deal, and it shouldn't be. I say   @#$%^&   grrrr
Well, everything is ok for now, hope it'll stay that way. So ...let's continue with regular posts
warehouseconversion-escat-rovira-gselect-gessato-via chictip
*HOME TOUR: Originally used as stables, then as a bomb shelter, and followed by its most recent incarnation as a print shop, this expansive warehouse space located in Barcelona, Spain, has withstood the test of time and numerous transformations. Now the designers Benito Escat and Alberto Rovira have given the space yet another purpose by recreating it into a handsome urban loft that is everything modern and hip.
lovely-light trulli home via 79ideas *HOME TOUR: and AGAIN, THE FABULOUS, so unique... TRULLI ...from South-East Italy...it had the similar destiny as the previous home tour of warehouse. The beauty of TRULLI is unforgettable
white-living-room-design via ivy_style33 *GOOD ADVICE: hope you're wondering... Can I paint my walls white even if the room is dark? Maria Killam as always has an answer. this photo from Iro-Ivy
164774_le-salon-ambiance-annee-70 *HOME TOUR: how beautiful and stylish is this French apartment
Ferm-Living-Marionette-cushions * “Marionette Collection” from Ferm-Living would fit perfectly into my son's room

nursery via spearmint baby *INSPIRATION: who says nursery should be light and bright? well, this nursery sure has the character...and I love it

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