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Hello dears...this post I'll start with a quote. Sarah Coffey  at Apartment Therapy wrote:
Very few of Jennifer Delonge's interiors are instantly recognizable as "kids rooms." They look like cool, comfortable spaces that could belong to anyone... until a pint-sized drawing table, a fire truck on the floor, or a wall of baby photos gives away the fact that these are, in fact, homes with small children.
I have nothing more to add to this...except I would love to create something similar for my little boy. To be honest - he wouldn't care much about the looks, all he wants is big playing area...but I'd be extremely happy... Oh my
Jennifer Delonge 1
Jennifer Delonge 2 Jennifer Delonge 4Jennifer Delonge 5Jennifer Delonge 3Jennifer Delonge 6 Jennifer Delonge 7
Really...who could say these are kid's spaces and furniture?

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  1. I'd be a kid in these rooms right away! :)


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