*during the week I collect photos, thoughts, ideas...I believe worth mentioning and remembering. weekly passionfinds will be the sum of those useful and interesting links
10_harris_smith via designsponge
*It's been over a year that I started blogging...without having a clue what blogging is. Every day I learn something new, wanting to grow as a person, to make new friendships, expand my horizons almost in every possible way. That's why I think it's good to read posts on how to be a better person in this blog-world and how to make your blog a success. Read the post Mandy wrote "please don't read my blog if you don't want to" or read what Tamara wrote about blogging now...and don't miss tips on blogging Paloma Contreras and Maria Killam shared.
* Will @ Bright.Bazaar is celebrating six months or 26th week of his Bright links...and for this occasion he expanded the list to 26 brilliant links. You'll sure enjoy his finds
* definitely you should check out brand new Lonny magazine! Too much beauty inside...or can it ever be too much? :)
* hey...green people (and myself among you)...here's one more cheap&chick idea on how to make a multipurpose decorative fabric basket 
* always loving good, interesting, amazing and quite cheap makeovers...like this one {photo below} Karen Johnston from MosaicWorks made. fabulous!

* and two amazing homes caught my attention...the one featured on Design*Sponge showing there are no rules when comes to decorating - great eye and talent will make ANYTHING beautiful {photo far above}. The second home is totally opposite...with it's minimalist interior and palm trees as if they were inside(maybe they are...I can't see)...located in Varaždin, Croatia. Impressive!
* you know that usually unused space at the end of your hallway? what to do with it? hmm...maybe some of these suggestions can help...
* HOW TO: make a chick&cheap braided hex nut bracelet

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