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When comes to my home decorating style - I wouldn't know how to describe it...as I love or sorts of different colors, styles, finishes. You probably noticed the range of colors here on the blog - from white, neutrals and grays to muted or bright colors. My motto is "everything could work well, if it's in the right context". What I'm saying is that it doesn't matter if something is out of style or ugly - it can be pretty again if you surround it with right items, colors and textures.
Anyway, what I said doesn't have much with this post and this cozy home we're touring. But...look at the simple coffee table - it's the focal point of the room because it is surrounded with cool colored furniture.
reformadas51_2gTIP: Sliding door from floor to (almost) ceiling and covering the rest of the wall with mirror creates this room feeling larger, losing the distinct barrier.  reformadas51_3g reformadas51_4gTIP: Library covering the entire wall can be sometimes overwhelming, but if it's the same color as wall-it becomes invisible. Colorful books, photos and accessories add interest and create a focal point.
reformadas51_5g reformadas51_6greformadas51_7g
Stripes! How sweet! I love stripes every day a bit more. We're seriously considering painting our hallway and balcony in stripes :) hallway is without natural light, so the stripes will be bold and dark colored-medium gray or navy(favorite color of my husband). Our bright and sunny balcony will be in light and fresh stripes - probably mixed gray-blue-green hue. can't wait to do that. We're waiting warmer days with less humidity...hope SOON
reformadas51_9g reformadas51_10g  
This lovely home...and so much more ideas and home tours on Spanish online magazine Mi Casa


  1. Jako mi se sviđa ovaj deo sa bibliotekom, boje su baš vesele i osvežavajuće.
    Toliko lepih postova kod tebe u poslednje vreme a ja nemam dovoljno vremena da se malo bolje udubim.
    kiss, Lenka

  2. da,ovaj stan ne bi bio isti bez biblioteke-mislim da je presudila da mi se tako dopadne.
    Hvala draga, divna si...i dobro je da nemas dovoljno vremena za blogove...znaci da je radno kod tebe. a ja kod tebe svracam redovno,mada ne ostavljam tragove,najcesce ne znam sta bih pametno rekla,sem da se divim svemu sto napravis,a to znas :)


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