Zara HOME...

I knew it exists,but I resist to visit the site...
I'm kidding :)
I LOVE Zara, everything about ZARA...and now I want a lot of things from their HOME collection. I've prepared for you couple of pinboards of my favorites... Keep in mind this is just a small piece,because I love everything..
Tomorrow I'll make my board for bathroom and tableware *sigh* and after that...the living room,YAY


  1. Oh! I love your designboards.
    Zara Home has so many wonderful things <3. .I had a few post about them myself.

    Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog btw:)


  2. I´m now a happy follower of your lovely and inspiring blog btw. I´m putting a link on my blog as well


  3. Oh, I love ZARA too! Apperently we are getting one in Sydney soon and I can't wait :)

  4. Hello from Belgium!
    We do live near Bruges and there´s a Zara Home-store as well. I always like to go there and even if I´m looking only around, it makes my day :)
    Happy to follow all inspiration here!
    Best regards, Marjolijn

  5. @stylizimo Thank you Nina,I'm blushing...and WELCOME :)

    @sara I can't wait the day Zara Home comes to my country *sigh*

    @Marjolijn, WELCOME :) Hope you'll always find some inspiration here

  6. ZARA is great! I love the neutral inspiration board! I can't get enough of white and neutral colors schemes lately!


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