2 prints for now...

Just wanted to show my new playing results...not very special,or unique but I love it.

I Love typography, every aspect of word or letter, maybe that's the reason I studied graphic design instead of arts. You can see lots of spaces on the internet having wall prints with alphabet, which gave me inspiration to make one on my own in Cyrillic (ćirilica/ћирилица). Can't wait to hang it in my office corner :)

This print was very simple to make,but from now on I'll try different variations on the subject... I have on my mind to make some fave quotation prints. For now, I'll do it in my language - Serbian on both alphabets. I want to do this for me and all of my friends who wants it..

Inspired by subway art prints I made this:

Those are the names of old forts in Herceg Novi. Check on links to see pictures of them, you'll love it :)
Sahat Kula (clock tower) in the heart of Herceg Novi
Mamula was military prison, but now is a perfect camping place..or for long long parties.
Forte Mare is now open cinema and night club during the night
Spanjola is also a place for parties
Arza is my favorite fortress, look this picture from the plane
Kanli kula which should mean bloody fortress...


  1. Odlicno, Millie! kad se istampa i urami, odlicno ce stajati i na poslu i u dnevnoj sobi, mozda. A, uz neki sarena vesela slova, i u decijoj sobi

  2. These are lovely! You've got talent, my girl!

  3. Predivno!!! U trpezariji u HN-u mi baš duže vreme fali jedna sličica, i nikako da se odlučim šta to da bude, a da ima lokalpatriotski prizvuk, i sad sam pronašla pravu stvar zahvaljujući tvojoj fantastičnoj ideji!!!

  4. gdjo Tralalalinski - hvala :) U pravu si,u zavisnosti od koncepcije,mo
    ze se staviti u bilo koju prostoriju...

    Lenka - drago mi je da ti se tako dopada... Eto,imas od mene poklon...samo javi u kojoj boji zelis :)


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