Did you miss me?

Hello everybody..I'm back :)
Finally..God knows how much I missed my online activities, blogging and surfing. I had problems with my internet connections, but I hope it's all okay now..for good.
In the meantime I was working on my blog header,wich is not good enough yet. Can you suggest me something?
Plus,I had time to focus on my design boards...with my own personal touch. My first design board is ok, but I wasn't proud of it. Here it is:
Confusing,don't you think? Since I can not explain what I thought was wrong, I can show you my new version of the same designboard:
But,it's not quite right yet. I don't like dark parallel frame lines, but what's good is that I'll show wall color like it was brush painted sample, and color pallete is shown on top right corner of the board.

It has to have my signature. I tryed to find font similar to my handwriting, untill I find the way to make my handwriting into font :)
One more difference you can see is this set of different color lines with my signature. It should underline every design, and I think is going to be in my blog header too. I'm working on getting the best solution.

this is the first design board for my living room. I already have this sofa. It's very very comfortable, although my hubby and I don't like the design and colors. but,heh...we should make the best of it,right? So I thought to color one of the walls (opposite of sofa) in dark chocolate brown,and the rest in creamy white. We have a pale carpet (because of the child who's always on the floor)..so I thought to add some more brown...but it would be too much.
Next slide please..

My thoughts was going to this direction..to use this pale yellow on the sofa as a starting point. Curtains and accessories in same color. But,I couldn't resist to add some green. No dark brown walls for this design.. And now,the third and the best solution, in my opinion..
Beside the sofa, I already have the same curtains, chair, coffee table and the pendant. What I need is to get some accessories like this and tv stand shown here. I love it. And I love this pc table. Few days ago,I saw very similar table to this one, waiting for me somewhere by the road. I was inlove. But there was no way to pick it up..I'm crying inside.
How do you like the designs?
Wait,I have more..

There's designboard for my bedroom,inspired by this nursery. Master bed and the crib are both in pale wood,so as the wardrobe. We already have so many baskets on the wardrobe like this from IKEA. I love white bedding,and would love to find patterned curtains like this sample. For now we have pure white curtains, and although we have shutters (which I adore),we need thick,patterned light-block curtains to complete the look. I didn't go for too much details,because we have a small room,and too many furniture.


  1. You have so many great ideas! I just love design boards. I really love the fourth one from the top and the nursery one is very cute!

  2. Thank You So Much!!
    The fourth design has yours colors,I know :)
    I think the nursery is cute too,we should start painting it soon. can't wait,can you imagine?

  3. Hey Milijana,

    I really like the last one design board for the bedroom. The colours are warm and inviting, yet simple and modern.

    Hope you're having a lovely week.

    p.s. looking forward to seeing photos of the room once it's finished.


  4. Thank you shopgirl,that's the look I wanted to achieve for the room. Problem is,I don't know how soon it will be brought to reality... hope soon enough,cause I'm waiting for two years to decorate our room..buaaa


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