Nata's living room..

My friend recently married, asked me to help her find the best solution for their new apartment. She doesn't know how to put together things she loves, although she knows exactly what she wants. Her husband trusts her,but he has a problem to visualize her ideas. That's where I come in.
They want light wood furniture, like bleeched oak, stream lines, simple contemporary design. Light and natural color palette,with pops of warm green and brown.
Here's my idea

and the second option:

I know,I have so many items repeating...but it will be fixed soon.
I'm so tired now..it's past 1am, and I don't know what to write about designs,although I would have so much to say


  1. This looks lovely! It all is very cohesive. Great colors :)

  2. Thank you Poppies :)
    It means so much to me. Thank you for commenting on such a short notice. You're great!

  3. Baš deluje vedro, nekako relaksirajuće... Mislim da će se Nata divno osećati u ovom okruženju!

  4. Hvala Lenka :)
    A Nata je oduševljena. Mada na pano nisam postavila još neke elemente...čim bude gotovo u stvarnosti,postaviću slike..


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