what a stylish nursery...

My son is growing so fast...almost 2 years already. we still share the room, but soon my hubby and I would have to pack our bags, and find another solution. most likely, it will be sofa in the living room, because I don't think we will have the money to make the best solution. sofa's waiting for us for a long time now :)

it was difficult to decorate the room not to be too adult or too childish. i tryed to find some ideas how to make the two styles to work,but at the end, I just left it as it was at the beggining. my hubby loves every shade of blue..since i'm married, i start to like some shades of blue too.. teal,duckegg,navy blue. blue-gray and blue-green are my favorite combinations. with punches of warm colors, like deep orange, and some dark brown- beautiful.

here comes the point
my daily blog inspiration is one-of-a-kind making it lovely where i love to read her honor roll. this time it lead me to design sponge (of course,known from before) and with two cats, totally-new-for-me-but-so-lovely blog which i fell in love right away. what cought my eye is that Lauren from with two cats made the prettiest nursery I've seen. white as a neutral, light furniture, cool blue-gray wall for calming effect, and punches of orange,warm yellow, reddish make this room outstanding.

maybe you ask yourself why I'm so overjoyed about this room...please, take a look for yourself

i would love to upholster my living room sectional in this fabric

i crave for window benches

my husband and i love this color, we're soon painting our multitasking room in this shade...and i was thinking about similar painted tree over our headboard,because we need a focal point. i think it would be perfect. i already have pure white curtains (yes,everybody should start with curtains when decorating :D ),and i can't wait to do the rest. what's keeping us? rain! countles days of raining! did anyone said it's spring?



  1. This is so pretty. I love that a room like this would transition nicely as a child grows up. It wouldn't need too many makeovers...just a different bed!

  2. What a fabulous blog you have! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and saying hello! I tried to become a follower of your blog, but for some reason it's not working, so I will try again later.

    P.s. LOVE this nursery!

  3. That is a great nursery! I saw that on Making it Lovely also. I saw the pictures on your blog, and I thought, "Gosh that looks familiar!" hahaha

    That owl bank is sold at Target! I have it featured on a design board I just made. This would be a great combo for your room!

  4. Prozorska klupa, ili jos bolji bi bio krevet ispod prozora. Za mene, naravno! A, za klince, boja zidova je predivna! Glasam za ovu boju!

  5. We have the same love poster in Indie's room! Love your inspiration


  6. Thank u all for lovely comments :)
    I made a design board for this look...I'll post it now


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