home tour.. Candice Olson-designed loft

Look how Canada's leading interior designer Candice Olson designed this loft for photographer Brandon Barre (check out his fabulous portfolio)..he usualy photographs her work, to give her well-decorated rooms a true shine. Read interview with Brandon on DesignTies and if you want more about this loft go to DesignTies,great interior design blog which I discovered today. Can't wait to read it all through.
Here's before picture of the loft
there's potential,but..hmmm..kidding,you can see what a great place this is
rendered version by Candice...what a great drawing!

and,the after shot! wow,looks just like rendered one. wait! there's more. you'll enjoy the hights of apartment,it's beauty and greatness, so classy and unisex. I would so love to live here. I would wake up every morning with biger smile than now!
loft 1
loft 3
loft 4
brandon render 2
brandon 5
loft 5
brandon 6
brandon 3
brandon 4
Truly fantastic! I would like to have mosaic tiles like this one,maybe a bit greener,but still in mix with browns and grays. Something is missing in the bedroom,but the open space living/dining/kitchen area is unbelievable.


  1. She is THE best at renderings. I SOOO wish I could be this good! I have never been happy with mine.

  2. tell me about it. I don't even want to post my own renderings,because I think it's not good enough.. But,with practice,I hope to make it better

  3. WOW! I love this place. I am getting ready to blog about Lofts. I REALLY want a loft!!!!!!!!!!


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