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Hello friends and readers, it’s been a while since I last posted something. There’s no lack of ideas and things to say, there is lack of time. Or maybe energy. That’s why I highly appreciate these short moments when I can share something here on the blog.

margit i geza we dream in color19

Today I am very happy to show you one amazing colourful home.

The owners Margit and Geza contact me and send me the photos of their new home, as the previous apartment was published here too. They have sold that apartment, and now have finished their 92m2 home (990 sqft). Here’s what they say about the renovation:

We are a retired Belgian couple. We are not old, it's just we have been young longer. The two of us together are 117 years old. We have 5 adult children. We live near the Belgian-Luxembourgian border, but we often stay in Budapest.

We bought an apartment in awful condition, that we completely gutted, just so that we could reimagine it.

margit i geza we dream in color12margit i geza we dream in color1margit i geza we dream in color

The lead pattern of the apartment is the ellipse, which appears in multiple places. We needed a spacious living-dining-bedroom area, as well as a quest room and a study.

Light was exceptionally important for us, so we had inner windows placed, so the sunshine could travel through without obstruction. Cambered walls guide the eyes after entering.

We tried to place every piece of furniture on the walls, so as to give a floating feeling to it. We are passionate about objects of contemporary design.

margit i geza we dream in color18margit i geza we dream in color17margit i geza we dream in color6margit i geza we dream in color5

We placed LED lamps and energy-conserving appliances everywhere, because we consider protecting the environment important.

Our goal was to create a homely, light and happy ambiance. The bedroom-bathroom area received extra attention. We wanted it to be an island of regeneration. The carpet around the bath was handmade. The colourful pillows in several areas of the apartment are the works of the textile-designer house mistress.

margit i geza we dream in color92margit i geza we dream in color91margit i geza we dream in color9margit i geza we dream in color8margit i geza we dream in color7margit i geza we dream in color4margit i geza we dream in color3

We think we achieved our goal of a colourful dream. For further information, please visit http://www.margeza.com/portfolio/nemetvolgyi-utca-budapest/

Well, what do you think of this home full of reflecting sleek surfaces and bright coloured accents? 

Photos by Péter Kőrösi


  1. divnoga li stana..

  2. Millie hi! There seems to be a problem with your profile in Bloglovin' and I don't get any updates. Will you look into that?
    Love, Olga

  3. Just came across your blog and 'Wow', I definitely think they've succeeded in their brief in this house. This is definitely a welcoming, happy, bright home. Modern, contemporary design can be so fun, using so many different shapes and materials, modern furniture is so inventive now and a great way to add pops of colour to a home. I love bright/white open spaces, but colour is always necessary.


Always love to know your thoughts. Thanks for sharing


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