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 Although I'm working on this lazy Sunday + holiday, I have some spare time for a quick post full of inspiration. Tiny lounge nook is calling me for reading or napping time (nap would be good!). Every part of it is beautiful - wall sconce, roman shade, brick wall, pattern on pillows and that cute little industrial table, awwww

Amazing artistic coffee table by Antipod studio. I would love to have almost every product of theirs.
 Noodle side tables are on my wishlist, too! Must have them!!!

make wall of shelves and fill them with paintings and art. interesting!

when it comes to art...the two paintings bellow are beautiful. If you have a small space, like I do, don't be afraid to put an oversized print or painting on the wall, especially if its abstract like these two. Choose neutral and cool colours with just a hint of warm tones.

lovely kitchen with cutest herbs on the world!

 spring is here, which explains my craziness about greenery these days. small pots on the fridge are adorable, but look at the photo below: AMAZING! like in a fairy-tale, so perfect...


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