{design dilemma} how to decorate small hallway

design dilemma

How can I decorate my unattractive, somewhat long, hallway with many doors and no natural light? It’s the first thing I see when I enter the home and it’s not making me happy at all. Typical hallway furniture is too big for this space and I don’t know how to make it functional and pretty. Have any ideas for me? Jelena

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Dear Jelena, when you’re stuck with the room you don’t like, it’s important to camouflage the elements you can not change. I would suggest first to paint all doors and walls in pure white, so the doors can blend in walls and be less noticeable. White colour also helps reflecting light. When comes to lighting, I suggest several ceiling lamps, or spot lights. I prefer hanging lamps, as they are more attractive. Artificial lighting is crucial in a space without windows.

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Next, I suggest you choose the focus point or point of interest. It can be an accent wall in bold colour or pattern, one oversized painting or picture gallery, or patterned rug. Since the regular entry furniture can’t fit, you have to opt for custom made. Make a narrow storage bench and mount it on the wall, that way it won’t feel cramped. For seasonal items like hats, mittens and shawls mount the shelf or cupboards below the ceiling. Choose interesting and fun wall hooks instead of regular ones, or try to make them yourself with cork, door knobs, plastic toys, wood pieces…options are endless.

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Hope I helped!

if you have any design dilemma, feel free to write me at millie.passiondecor(at)gmail(dot)com


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