big ideas for small spaces


Paint at least a stripe in chalkboard paint. It looks interesting, doesn’t take up any space and you can always use it for recipes (like in the example), shopping or to do lists, and for occupying your kids in time of need…


Build a bench with storage space. It’s family friendly, space savvy and functional


Instead of chairs, go for a bench with hidden storage and option to transform into guest bed. Of course, it feels better if dining room is part of the living room


Lift things off the floor to make the room feel spacious. The bookcase on the picture has shelves on one side, and mirror on the other side. Instead of mirror, opt for magnetic board for photo display, or artwork that fits the frame.


In multipurpose rooms use multifunctional furniture. The office desk below is 3in1 furniture – it can be transformed into dining table, or narrow console table.


Make the radiators more useful by mounting towel rack around it.


Several side tables can serve better than one regular coffee table and can be stacked away when not in use.


Visually, translucent furniture pieces look like don’t exist, so they’re always a good choice for small spaces.


wall space under the window and next to the radiators is often wasted. Place a simple shelf and hide the storage space below with panel curtains


Pair of bookshelves and one shelf on top of them are great solution for space around the door.


Console on wheels can be moved according to your needs – for breakfast in bed, makeup table, pc station…you name it


Make kids and yourself happy with functional table with storage boxes as seating. Looks fun and creates order in the room of the youngest


  1. Seriously smart tips! Loved the one with the mirror-bookcase and the one with the towel rack around the radiator!

  2. Imas oko za prakticne stvari, za prostore u kojima moze stvarno da se zivi. Sjajne ideje vidim na ovim slikama. Ja obicno gledam cistu estetiku i pretrcim cesto preko fotki funkcionalnih resenja.

  3. Wonderful tips! I can arrange my furnitures according to your tips.


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