tiny room for two little girls

Amazing interior design and storage solution by Tina Kurpez / Karas studio as always. Tina has such a good sense of space complemented with great design eye. That’s just my subjective thinking… blink blink.
She transformed this tiny room in a special kingdom for two little girls, with tons of storage and still enough room to play/draw/study. Truly a room they can grow into. Love the dark walls as a background for fresh green furniture. I would describe this room as vivid, inspiring, happy and fresh. foto: Berislava Picek / Cropix
studio karas
…check out the rest of the room

studio karas1studio karas2studio karas3studio karas4studio karas5studio karas6studio karas7studio karas8

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  1. Would love to have it as my own room! And I don't mean as a kid!


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