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Hello there...I'm back to blogging, rested, almost full of energy (I'll explain why a bit later) and happy. As I disappeared without any explanation, I bet some of you wonder what happened? well...I got pregnant. First trimester I was sleepy and everything bothered me and I just wasn't able to sit in front of computer more than 5 minutes, which is not enough to turn it on and write something. I didn't even checked my emails.
vintage decorating via periodliving co uk via Period Living on PassionDecor tumblr
So, I enjoyed this summer with my family and friends...lot's of family gatherings, laughs, dinner parties in the garden of my father's home...but I found time to go to beach as well, mostly early in the morning. We also celebrated our son's third birthday few days ago! He was SO happy having his own party with friends he loves, cake and candles, balloons, birthday songs and of course - presents. It was such a great party, and I am proud of it. My hands were busy making candies and snacks, tissue pom-poms and little sailing boats as a decoration. Unfortunately I have no photos yet...
Well, from this day on, you can read posts on PassionDecor at least two - three times a week...featuring more beautiful small homes, Balkan breeze tours, and starting with reader's redesign projects I've finished so far.  Looking forward to blogging again.
Don't forget to visit PassionDecor on tumblr or my Pinterest page for more inspiration - you can be a member too if not already, because it is all about creating your virtual vision boards...whether is it about style, interior design, books, inspirational quotes or anything that moves you. Now you can even pin videos!
Big hugs to you ALL !!!


  1. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! Happy happy happy! One izzica for you my dear! :)

  2. Čestitam!All the best!

  3. Dobro došla natrag!:)

    Šaljem ti pusu:)

  4. HVALA VAM PUNO, drage moje! Sretna sam :)

  5. Preslatko je :)
    Prati i mene na http://www.anaancica.blogspot.com/ ;)


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