puffy pendants...maybe DIY?

Paper, plastic bags, coffee filters or anything crossing your mind can be used for creating a modern and original light fixture. Great idea for do-it-yourself project whether you need a pendant or table lamp to create a statement in your home. Rounded, fluffy, interesting pendants (or any home decor items) are irresistible to me. Allison Patrick @ Zipper8Lighting shop on etsy creates lovely light fixtures out of round paper lanterns.
Zipper8lightning etsy shop1
parlour home blog_zipper etsy shop81Zipper8lightning etsy shop plastic bag pendantZipper8lightning etsy shop ruffled table lamp   I would definitely enjoy this romantic, subtle glow. First pic is regular paper, the second is book paper, third lamp is made out of black and white plastic bags (a good use of them) and this lamp above is made of coffee filters.
kara paslay designs pendant Don't know where Kara Paslay got inspired, but she made this fabulous light out of cheap paper lantern, coffee filters and lots of patience. This project inspired http://www.parlourhomeblog.com/2010/10/are-you-kidding-me.html to make one much bigger and SO incredibly fluffy.
Should I give it a try? Thing is - I have a paper lantern of 60cm in diameter (never installed it) and with this enhancement it'll be even bigger. hm, I think it will stay the way it is, after all

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