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28941_0_4-9335--I'm all about kid's rooms now. How strange, right? :) It's almost the only thing I see everywhere on the internet. While preparing this post with inspiring rooms for kids, I found a few showing exactly what I wanted for my 3 year old boy's room he will be sharing soon with his baby brother or sister. I've already wrote about us(parents) moving into living room, freeing up the space for him - to have his own kingdom... We didn't do that yet, but now's definitely the time!
The layout will be like this (photo below). Our room is very similar, except the window on the right. Love the soothing color combination here, although I want more colorful space. Perfect example of what B and I want to create is the first photo above :)
holly mathis boy's room perfect1
Narrow shelves for displaying books will be mounted on unused wall space below the windowkids room interior design by Lisa Sherry1 via Lonny
Walls will be grey definitely, and the baby corner will have trees and owls. It's a good choice for boys and girlsnursery of Jennifer at A_Jenerek_Life via My_mod_babykids room via lonny
Picture or drawing gallery is always the right choice...and not just in kid's room. For start, I'm creating prints for picture gallery hoping to be replaced over time by kid's art work kids room interior design by Laura Day via lonnykids bedroom and playroom via chictip10          
Grey walls I want and colorful circles on the rug - sounds like the perfect combination. I'll create a designboard for the room, so it's easier to envision the result.
I wish you all a lovely weekend!
{ 2, 3,5,6, 4, 7 }    if someone knows the source of the first photo...please let me know

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