could I live without magazines? no!

Today I finally got my copy of Casaviva Serbia mag - September issue. As always - it's full of fabulous, functional and cozy ideas for living as well as useful information about design world, new products, great travel places and cultural events. (btw - that home featured on the cover is stunning. I'll blog about it these days)
casaviva srbija naslovnica septembar

Previous post was about introducing you to Marko Vuckovic, young designer with big taste and talent. He won the second award on Mixer competition titled "Super-smart everyday objects" in May 2011 with The Saturn watch. First prize went to Vukasin Vukobratovic with his already famous Traffic jam mantel, and the third award won Ivan Markov and his Coffee Table 100.

What I didn't know until read in the magazine today that all of three awarded super smart everyday objects will be available soon in Kare shop as they were organizing the competition together with Mixer festival. That's such a great news, for designers and us - consumers. I'll do my best to put my hands on The Saturn watch as soon as possible :)

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