{reader's redesign} Aida's natural style / {pomoc citaocima} Aidin prirodni stil

 Several months ago Aida asked me to help her choose furnishings and colors for her home in renovation as well as how to make better use of available space. She wanted airy, cozy and welcoming space with lots of wooden details. The ceiling is very low (2.2m) so intense or dark colors were not an option. Light and natural colors with proper lightning could make the space feel higher and more comfy.aida tlocrt bolji
Foyer leads into all parts of the home. On the left there's bathroom and utility room, on the right is home office/guest room and straight forward leads into open space - kitchen / dining and living room. Master bedroom is right next to the kitchen. The space is not very big, approximately 70m2 or 750 square ft, and the smallest room (considering its purpose) is the living room. Still, there's enough room for essentials. note: All furniture should be multifunctional!
aida komplet copy
Aida wanted lots of wood incorporated in the home, so I suggested different wood colors and finishes to keep things interesting. Wall color mainly should be off-white - a few shades darker than ceiling to make it visually higher. In the foyer I suggest grey stone flooring and intense wall color for big impact first thing you enter Aida's home - especially because there's no natural light. Solution is embedded ceiling spotlight with dimmers and one white floor lamp close to a big mirror. The same flooring continues in the bathroom and utility room. The rest of the home has hardfloor installed, including the kitchen. note: it's not very common option in this part of Europe, but I'll do my best to show people the advantage of wooden floor in the kitchen and bathroom
aida trpezarija1
I've prepared two options for dining room - light and dark version. It's the question of personal taste which one she chose. In both ways walls are off-white, white sheer panel with floral drapes are installed on windows and details are green and white.
aida dnevnaa     
In the living room sofa should be sofa-bed, the custom made media station with storage is against the longest wall, comfy but light chair in the reading corner. Floating shelves are installed on the wall and there's room for narrow floor lamp. Above the sofa photo and picture gallery
pogled A dnevna soba pogled B dnevna sobashopping links
Kitchen: Topaze showcase / bar stool
Dining room: Dixi commode / Arte povera showcase / tray / dining table / white chair
Living room: white floor lamp / table lamp / Net pendant / throws / sofa bed
Hallway: shoe storage / silver wall mirror
Home office/guest room: SNOW pc table / chloe shelf / sliding doors wardrobe with mirrors / table lamp / London rug / white chair
Master bedroom: ottoman / table lamp / bedding / bed


  1. Wow,super ov sve izgleda! U kojem programu si ovo sve radila?

  2. Ovaj tlocrt sam radila u besplatnom internet programu "floorplanner", mada inace radim u Adobe Illustratoru,kao i crteze, dok designboards radim u Photoshopu. Mozes praviti slicne i to dosta jednostavnije ako se prijavis na Olioboard - imaju veliku bazu namjestaja i vrlo je lako praviti idejna rjesenja :)


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